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Do not let life go past you without you living it, remember that there are moments that will never come back and that now is the time to live them and experience them to the fullest, now that you still can and the possibilities are endless.
If you love someone with all your heart, if it is the person that makes you wake up smiling, if it is the person that makes your heart race, then what are you waiting for to tell him / her, what are you waiting for to conquer him / her and conquer every single day of his / her life. Even if you have a stable partner, it does not mean that you do not have to remember him / her from time to time what you feel, because those are the kind of attitudes that reinforce and nurture relationships.
Do not fall in monotony and boredom, do not let the passion be turned off or that love goes fades away. Remember that it is important that you try hard if you want the relationship to work and for it to do so in the best way. Today we offer you several examples of texts that you could share with that person that makes your heart leap in your chest; be encouraged to pick the ones you want and share it with him / her, remember that they are completely for free.
Free examples of love texts:
:: “The light emanating from your skin and the sparkle in your eyes make me think I do not need anything anymore, because you will accompany me during the day and at night your warmth will cuddle me, keep me warm and guide my way, and I will not need anything, ever again in life. Waking up next to you is the best gift the Lord could have given me. I am still surprised when I think about how our lives have been changing, how everything is different and how fast the change is happening, it is really dazzling and often overwhelming. You were the change I was expecting so much, that call that woke me up from an eternal sleep and brought me back into reality, because ultimately it was finally worth more being awake than dreaming. I love you, my love, you are everything to me”.
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:: “When our gazes cross, it’s like as if cold air passes through my whole body, from head to toe, it is like a chill, but one that does not feel bad, it feels invigorating, full of life and hope, of confidence to know that everything will be fine as long as we are together. You brought perfection to my days, because there is no moment in which you do not make me happy, in which you do not give me your love and give it to me beyond measure. I thank you for being who you are and I thank you for allowing me to be myself. I adore you”.
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:: “ All the powers of the universe concentrate in you, magic and all the beautiful things I have seen are included. You light me up like no other, it is as if like your skin was burning, but not a burning that hurts, but a burning that makes me fall in love. You have the power to calm me down, to fill me with peace, to make me breathe and relax. Your tenderness is like none I have ever known before, it is something that I love that melts me, which makes me love you”.
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:: “When I look out the park, I direct the look to your curtains, because I know that when they are half open is that you have also been looking for my face in the trees and that makes me feel really excited, makes my heart beat hard and fall in love with you again”.
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:: “Waking up knowing that you love me, is the greatest shot of life that I have received. Before I met you I lived in the shadow, thank you for returning the light into my life, cute sweetie”.
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We hope you enjoyed the messages that we have presented to you at this time. As you already mentioned, all of them are intended to make your relationship be strong in time, to strengthen the love and passion between two people who love each other dearly.
Do not miss this opportunity, remember how important it is. We count on you to keep coming back to our website in search of more posts and tips, keep in mind that we are always updating our information and sharing content.
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