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Daily consultation of horoscopes in the print media, radio and television :  
Searching our destiny in newspapers, magazines, radio or television has become, in the twentieth century for many human beings, the true paradigm of the future often forgetting that its construction answers common factors and not individual people, making possible their lack of certainty and ambiguity in the results, which after all are not free of subjectivity.  
Since immemorial times, the human beings’ objectives have been to have or maintain power and, in order to be able to do so, he has sought to know his future, that’s the primary reason why most ancient rulers had their own soothsayers, who they consulted about what fate had in store for them and, according to that, they decided what would enable them to achieve success and maintain their power, because basically that is what all was about.  
The activity performed by these seers was known as astrology and its practitioners, the astrologers, who sought to establish links between human existence and the location of the stars in the spectrum of the sky around the earth, in order to be able to establish trends and make their predictions. It should be noted that the validity of these predictions has not been scientifically proven, whose vagueness sometimes allows stakeholders to believe that they are appropriate and accurate.  
Astrology is expressed through the horoscope or astrological chart, being plotted with a circle that shows the location of the planets, the sun and the moon around the earth, so whoever wants to know his or her horoscope will provide the time, day and place of birth, in order to be able to obtain personalized predictions.  
For the purpose of drawing the horoscope, it is considered that every person is shaped by the sun moon and ascendant signs. The Sun sign is the best known of all and it is comprised by the twelve zodiac signs and it points out where the sun was located at the time our mother gave birth to us and it defines who we are. The Moon sign tells us where in the global space the moon was when we were born and according to this location, we can learn which emotions will prevail in our character. The third sign uses the time we came into the world and therefore, how will out luck will be through our lives. 
The graphical form of a Horoscope is a 360 degree circle, divided into twelve parts of thirty degrees each, called astrological houses and each one of them reflects a zodiac sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.  
People believe that in a page of a newspaper or a radio program dedicated to the horoscope, we can find our destiny concerning matters such as health, job opportunities, economic conditions or the trips that we could do, among others, which is why we consult them daily.  
But this is not like that, as there is among experts a widespread perception about the horoscopes published in newspapers, television and radio, have no validity whatsoever because they are not based on the time and date of birth of a person, but they are based on the position of the sun as seen from Earth, needing only to know the day and month of birth of the applicant, which takes the certainty from the prediction and gives it a sense of ambiguity, which is why people still use them.  
The position of the sun as seen from Earth shows us how at the beginning it is placed on the sign Aries, and this date usually corresponds to March the 21st and it moves gradually a degree per day, positioning itself on the different zodiac signs until it gets back to the March 21st and begins following the circle again.  

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