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Studying nursing has become a good career option because the demand for nurses grew considerably during the last decade, in several countries. Internships at various hospitals allow nurses to know the reality of their profession so they can adapt quickly to the working environment.
These internships are necessary, since nurses used to gain experience and then have the opportunity to look for employment in health centers that offer better benefits. To get a job is necessary to write a good resume, mentioning skills and professional experience, as well as your professional goals. The following samples show diverse professional goals that you can write in a resume for nurses.
Professional Objective 1
I am a Nursing Graduate with two years of experience. I am seeking an opportunity t get a job that allows me to learn more about the care of underage patients. My professional goal is to have more experience with this type of patient.
Professional Objective 2
I am a Nursing degree awarded by (corresponding entity). I know Spanish and Italian. I also have a year of internship and actually I look for a health center, where I can develop my career and learn more about emergency care.
Professional Objective 3
I am a foreign Nurse; I have title credentials in nursing and health given by the authorities of this country, then I am allowed to practice nursing here. I gained three years of experience in the past year and I have work as a nurse assistant in the operating room. My goal is to gain experience in other areas.
Professional Objective 4
I am nursing graduate with more than 5 years of experience in hospitals and clinics around the city. My new career goal is to work in the care and attention to the elderly.
Professional Objective 5
I am a bachelor of nursing; I have two years of work experience duly certified. My professional goal as a nurse is to provide the best service to patients, making them to feel relieved in physical and emotional.
Professional Objective 6
I am recent graduate in nursing professional career. I am completing my first year of practice in a state hospital and my career goal is to nurture myself with new experiences, facing new situation that puts my abilities into prove.
Professional Objective 7
I am registered nurse with expertise in private clinics. I am currently studying nutrition professional career. Then, my goal as a professional is to work in the short term as nurse of patients with health problems related to eating disorder.
Professional Objective 8
I have a professional degree in nursing and two years of experience in rural areas. My career goal is to work in clinics or health centers in the city. I am looking for occupy a job in the urban health system.
There you have some examples of professional objectives for a nursing resume. You can adapt any of these career goals to your context and so, you will clear the goals you are looking for with your career.
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