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Employment in these days is more difficult to achieve and is for that reason that we must do everything in our power to preserve the work that we currently have, but if we do not agree with the payment you receive, or receive insufficient working conditions and we want a better job, we can go to the spontaneous application.
Through this type of application we send our curriculum to the Human Resources offices of various companies which want to link up, so they have no current job openings. Thus if the employer deems it prudent, you can call for an interview to get a job offer. For spontaneous application is vital that your attach a curriculum with a professional letter in which you make a presentation.
Example 1 of a presentation letter:
Buenos Aires, October 12th, 2013
Alejandro Perez Cuellar
No 260Arboleda Avenue.
Phone 38907423
warsa LTDA
Office of Human Resources
820 Av Malvinas
Phone 78723875
I want to formally introduce myself to your Human Resources office for the following purposes.
My name is Alejandro Perez Cuellar, I am 30 years old and I am networks technologist. I have over six years in the design and implementation of structured cabling for wineries and all types of buildings.
I also performance in the field of maintenance and repair of networks as well as remodeling and expansion. Through experience I have learned to know all kinds of failures and network-related problems and how to solve them quickly so as not to affect the operation of the various areas of the company.
I wish you to take me into account in your database in order to have the opportunity to work in your company because this is an excellent opportunity to continue to grow professionally and make racing line. My commitment is to do my work efficiently and effectively to achieve, so that the company can count on fast, reliable networks way.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Alejandro Perez Cuellar
Technologist networks
Example 2 of a presentation letter:
Bogotá, October 22nd, 2013
Roxana Redondo Guzmán
Hydrangeas Jr. 384
Phone 36977658
Importer The Godfather
Area of Human Resources
835 Eldorado Ave
Phone 87332358
Dear Sirs:
I am writing this letter with the following purpose.
My name is Roxana Redondo Guzman I am a technique in offices and warehouse. I count five years experience working in the warehouse area in several companies in food production. Through my years of experience I have been able to identify the critical processes in the area of warehousing and distribution and have learned to take the necessary measures to avoid bottlenecks.
This way I can ensure that the warehouse area and office of a company continuously operate with high standards of efficiency.
I know Importer The Godfather is one of the most important distributors in the field of home and to work for you would be an excellent opportunity to continue growing professionally.
Thank you very much for your time and attention.
Roxana Redondo Guzmán
Technologist storage and distribution
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