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Many professionals believe that looking for work is an art, inclusive, which is a job in itself. And today is that unemployment levels are very high and any job vacancy is sought by many applicants who have varying degrees of experience and academic preparation.
It is for this reason that if you want to have high chances of being called a job interview and to keep the working place, you will stand out from other applicants, you should also be able to explain why you’re the right person for the job and why they should choose you.
One of the tools that a professional has to stand out when applying for a job is the professional letter. This time we bring you two examples of professional card that will be of much help if your profession is advocacy.
Example No. 1 of a presentation letter for a lawyer:
Panama City, September 30th, 2013
Ana Bertha Dominguez
640 New Country Street
Phone 64948785
Hernandez and law firm partners
230 Old Town Avenue
Phone 4530287
Dear Sirs:
Through this letter I have the pleasure to send greetings to all members of the law firm Hernandez and associates.
My name is Ana Bertha Dominguez, I am 35 years old and I am a graduate in law from the University Buenaventura, story addition with a specialization in civil law. The reason for this is to participate in the call to hold the office of the Lawyer in a prestigious study.
Through my years of experience in different types of cases, I have handled cases in which I had to assume greater responsibilities and challenges professionally. I think he could make a great contribution to the studio with my work.
Along with this letter I attached my resume to formalize my presentation to the call.
Ana Bertha Dominguez
Bachelor of Civil Law
Reg 45321 law school.
Example No. 2 of a presentation letter for a lawyer:
Trujillo, October 20 th, 2013
Alejandro Guzmán Benavides
No 821 Acacias Street
Phone 2649384
Romagna and Associates
Area of human resources
Phone 6802010
Yours sincerely:
Through this I get in contact with the Human Resources area of Romagna and Associates with the following reason.
My name is Alejandro Guzman Benavides and I am a law graduate, with expertise in civil and commercial law. I wish to apply for the call to the office of attorney in your prestigious company, which was released through his website on October 18 th
I count five years of experience practicing my profession in various companies in the field of international business. Thanks to the expertise to conduct in civil and commercial law story with all the tools necessary to provide legal advice, I also care about keeping me updated on legislation and thus provide a better service to the company for which I work for.
I would love to be part of Romagna and Associates as it is a growing company that has established itself as one of the best. I consider that my work will be critical to achieving the goals set by you.
Along with this you will find my CV, which may find more detailed information about me. I hope to have good news for you.
Alejandro Guzmán Benavides
Civil and Commercial lawyer
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