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shopping NY, shopping us, NY tourismThe best places to go shopping in New York

When we are planning a trip outside our country, what we most look for is to relax and enjoy the trip; for that reason, we use to look for touristic places, but also for some places where we can shop for ourselves or for a friend’s o relative’s gift.
Among the things we use to buy there are clothes, accessories, jewelry and toys or devices. One of the best recommendable places to go shopping and where we can find quality also are the specialized stores in the beautiful city of New York. In this article, we are looking for you to interest in some of these options we give you below to improve your shopping experience.
One of the most highlighted stores in New York is Alexis Bittar, where we can find jewelry from all sizes and exclusive designs focus on young people and adolescents who like to be at fashion styles. This jewelry is pretty expensive for being made of silver or gold. Their virtual catalogue is online and you can find it clicking on this link:
If you are looking for dark and fancy clothes, don’t hesitate to visit Anik, which is a boutique that offers exclusive designs for using at night and very fancy events. Also, they offer casual dressing without loosing their glamour. If you are interested, you can visit their website here:
There is a store which is listed in the top list of New York stores, the Boutique Bagutta Life. It doesn’t have its own website, but here you can find clothes for all ages. Also, you can find very recognized perfumes and also furniture to decorate your place in a new and original way. There is no way that you can’t hear about this store, as it is very known.
If what you are looking for is underwear for men and women, Bodyhints is the best place where you can find these clothes. The designs are original and exclusive, and also you can find underwear from Europe, so you can find trends like Millesi and Le Mystere. You can click on the next link if you are interested, as they don’t have its own website.
We also have the option to go shopping to Calipso St. Barth. This is a store where we can find clothes to wear on winter, like spectacular coats made of diverse materials that would convince anyone. Here we also can find typical wear from India, focus on people from India who like to keep their traditions with beautiful designs. For you to convince of these art made clothes, you can visit the next link:
Another curious place to shop is Darling as you can enjoy from delicious boozes while you go observing the thing the sale. This place is one of the favorites for young people because its exclusives and original style made by international recognized designers like Tara Jamon and Mary Green, with her underwear and everyday clothes. For these reasons, we recommend to visit the next link:
We expect that this list of highlighted places to go shopping in New York becomes useful to encourage you to don’t hesitate and visit them and find many gift four yourself or for a relative or friends. Come back soon.
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