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Some of us have a friend who we most appreciate but is no longer next to us, as he is now far away for many circumstances. What can we do now? In the past people wrote letters on paper and send them through the mail service, yet they ran some risks, such as: letter strayed or simply never came or returned.
Today there are many developments, and technology has been able to give some devices to communicate as the cell phone and the internet, with which we can send messages and will be received at the same time you sent it. So in this section we show you some messages that you can send to that friend who is far away.
Make him feel special and do not forget to send it through the most convenient way for you.
Free list of nice messages for a friend at distance:
:: “It’s been a long time not knowing about you, I just want to say that I look forward to seeing you again and I remember those beautiful moment we spent together. I hope you know I love you and we miss your presence”.
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:: “I want to tell you that no one could replace you because you are still my favorite friend, and I hope to see you again. Remember that I am always thinking of you”.
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:: “Today I am quite sure that you were the spark in my life that transmit joy to my life, so today I miss you more than ever, you do not know the desire I have to see you again and be together again my dear friend”.
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:: “We always had lived the good and bad moments of our life together, I want to know when you will come back again, you do not know how much it will be but I have faith that you will be came back soon. I love you friend”.
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:: “I am always thinking that you are doing well and overall good health, even when I do not know anything about you, I feel that you will delight me with your so many adventures you have lived away from me, I miss you too my dear friend”.
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:: “Surely you already got used to your new life, but I still can not get used to my days without you. I know that there will be no friend like you in my life. I can’t stop thinking about you every minute so my dear friend, I hopefully back to see you”.
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:: “You are very special in my life and I will take you forever in my heart. Every time I want to talk to my confidant I realize that you’re gone and I’m alone. I am grateful to have found my way. I know the Lord will bring you back soon.
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:: “I always remember the good person you were, and I’m sure you’ll soon be by my side to remember all the things we did together”.
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Those feelings of pining for your best friend is something hard to deal with, and when you had him by your hand maybe suddenly you make him to feel bad or you give him the value he should. So is it is normal when you have a friend. And now that he is away you can make him feel how important is him in your life and also that you love him a lot. Come back soon for more news we are always updating.
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