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These letters serve us to negotiate about a product or service, to complain or other issues between organizations.
Most times these letters are sent to an administrator or the head of Human Resources. Here you can figure out how to arrange at the time of writing a letter like this and also what information you should have.
In this article we give a sample letter so you can work it out.
Title: When you start the letter you must write the name of the company logo with larger font than the rest of the letter, below this center it and put the data of the company and where it is, and phone numbers.
Time: It is important to place below the logo to the right, the name of the city, the full date of the day you wrote the letter.
Receiver: The receiver information should go to the left side of the road, do not forget to place your personal details like name and in case of any organization concerned write their name, their phone number, and website if you have.
Theme: The theme is the issue for which you are writing the letter, do not exceed five words and try to be accurate.
Home: In the beginning it is written a greeting to whom it may concern or presentation if you have never sent a letter.
Context: In the context you can explain why the subject for you to write the letter is, here explains the views that have to do with it.
Departure: Here the person writing the letter gives a finish to the letter in a kind way.
Call: At the end. You must end with a signature of the editor placing their personal information and the role it plays.
Sample Letter for a business:
Lima March 29th, 2013
675 The Condors Avenue – Tel 876 543 279
Canasef S.A.
Human Resources Area
6435 Los Viveros Avenue
Tel 3456728
Subject: Selling Beauty Products
To whom it may concern:
Through this salute to the entire area of Human Resources of the organization Inabel SA
At this time we want to convey our new proposed sale of our innovative beauty products. Some time ago you were interested in beauty products that are edible to do good to the skin, so today we are launching our new knowledge of a yogurt make any bad skin to look younger.
This batch will be ready by end of the year, we have already receive orders from large supermarkets and these are already on the market and for your information these are asking about 50,000 liters of our product.
By the time we listen to any order that you want to ask for, as well as relevant negotiations regarding the amount and the final selling price. Do not hesitate to call or convene a meeting to have more information on this.
Best regards,
María Ponce de León
General Manager
Canasef S.A.
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