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Today almost all companies and businesses that are seeking staff make use of the Internet to publish job advertisements and do so through agencies or job boards as these stand out as being as effective and efficient.
If you are in search of a job in Italy, what you need to do first is to make a thorough search of the top job boards in Italy, and in this way you will know if there are vacancies available in the field which you want to apply and further that job categories are those that offer more number of vacancies.
In this article we will tell you about the best job boards, use them to find the job that you desire in Italy.
It is a page specialized in online classifieds such as selling products, services and jobs, among others. Clicking in the area of job offers it will show a complete list of job categories such as engineering, medicine, finance, etc..
Once you have made your choice of the appropriate category, you will see all the deals that are active and thus know the contact information so you can send your resume.
You also have the option to share this page with your contacts on Facebook. Enter now to
Jobs – Hispavista
This website is dedicated exclusively to find jobs online and in it you can find a job in a very quick and simple way. It has a search engine where you can put a word related to the job you are looking for after which, you can choose the category to which it corresponds and finally the country where you are searching a job.
Once your search, you can see a complete list of results showed as job openings. This page has links to the contacts you can share with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. To visit this site enter to
It is a site specialized in online classifieds is completely free and for this reason many Italian companies make use of it to place their job openings.
Search the list of sections and enter to Laboro, so you will see a list of categories for you to choose the job you are looking for.
You can refine your search using the search engine filling some fields such as the city where you want to work. Its address is
Job Rapido
It’s a job search site that does what it says because, in a simple and fast way, you can get jobs in various countries including Italy.
Follow the instructions on the page by entering key words relating to work, the country in which you want to work, city and distance within this.
Once your search results have shown, you can see the different job opportunities as well as the contact information and requirements. You can find this website at the address
These are definitely some of the best job boards that allow you to get a job in Italy, so start searching now the job of your dreams.
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