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When we love someone and we dare to confess our love and our intentions to have a stable and formal relationship, we feel very nervous and anxious because we know that a negative answer could hurt us a lot. However, it is always worth trying it and the risk, as it is always worth fighting for the love.
If you finally got that girl who you dreamed so much about, if finally the guy who took your breath away took you by the hand and confessed his love, and you are now in a relationship, then you must always remember to celebrate important dates, do not let them pass, because for the other person it could be something very important and special. Here we have brought you several ways to let your partner know how happy you are to have started such a nice experience by their side and together discovering the ways of love.
Free examples of anniversary texts:
:: “It is wonderful to have the opportunity to live with you this feeling, you have no idea how special it is for me to have you by my side. You make me very happy and I never thought I could become worthy of so many beautiful things. Celebrating this day with you is really invigorating and you look so cute that I can only think of how the rest of our celebrations will be, surely increasingly beautiful and full of happiness, because every time we will have more memories and stories to remember and more concrete plans. I adore you”.
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:: “It has already been four weeks since I asked you to be my girlfriend and it was definitely one of the happiest months I have been able to live in a long time. Since I met you I realized that you had come into my life to change everything and to teach me how to be happy, to appreciate things and smile for no reason, just because we can. I love how you are”.
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:: “This morning I opened my eyes and I just knew that the day had come. I am fulfilling a month with the cutest guy of all, the most good, noble and gentle one that makes me feel like a princess every day of my life. I could hardly sleep last night because I was counting the hours, minutes and seconds for time to go by faster and so we could be together again. You have no idea how happy you make me, my love and I hope I can give you back that happiness in equal or greater measure, you are amazing”.
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:: “I cannot express myself properly, I wish we had telepathy or that maybe when you put your hand on my chest you could feel that every beat of my heart is for you and to you, my life. You have showed me a new world that I thought I would never discover. You have a very cool look of things and you make me feel very proud to say you are my girlfriend, because you are preceded by your accomplishments, your goodness is infinite and your beauty is unmatched. How good it feels to be on your side and walk hand in hand, that way I feel I could get to wherever. I adore you and toast for many more months and years by your side”.
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:: “Celebrating one month as boyfriend and girlfriend is something very exciting that makes us have a notion of what the rest of the relationship will be like. I hope you have loved being with me just like I have been fascinated by spending these days by your side. I know that many more will come, because what we have is special, it is unique”.
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:: “Feeling you close is something that takes me to heaven and makes me float between the clouds. It is a new and wonderful experience, it is something from another world. I never thought to deserve so many good things in my life, I hope all the happiness continues and I will make sure it does, my love, because you deserve this and much more, I swear it and I adore you”.
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Let us not miss this celebration that is so tender without the proper treat. Soon we will see how love acts up and brings us much happiness. We hope to see you back here soon, best of luck to you, good bye.
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