Last modified 10/09/2023

Which are de best mobile phones for playing ? :

  best mobil for playing

 Current technology has open itself field among many aspects of the multimedia applications, especially referring to spare time and entertainment applications. This is the case of the cell phone technology, which has found an environment worthy to be operated and with a great amount of users who do not care about prices.

To give an idea of the best cell phones to play, we have made a list of some models according to their capacities, meaning, the size of their screen, their graphic capacity, their memory level, their battery duration, etc. According to these factors, I am going to start with the Nokia N96, this cell phone is a clear example of multifunction cell phones, in it, you can listen music, take photographs, make and edit videos, use it as a GPS system, it has 16 GB, it has a huge screen of 2.8 inches, it uses a touchable glide keyboard which is very comfortable to use, Wi – Fi connectivity, it is very light (only weight 125 grams), and you can even watch direct T.V. on it, but, above all, it counts with the last N – Gage generation, which includes applications for the most modern games there are, such as Rally Dakar 2009, Flat Out 3D or EA Sports FIFA 2009.

After that mobile phone, comes the famous iPhone, which counts with a great LCD touch screen of 3.5 inches, a memory according to the 8 GB and 16 GB model, its battery lasts for 10 hours when been used and up to 250 hours if no application is been used; besides, it has a 3D PowerVR MBX graphic processor integrated, which makes it a powerful multimedia applications tool, especially for graphic games that require many resources; without forgetting the Wi – Fi and the GPS technology. As it is already known, the Apple Company, creator of the iPhone, counts with a virtual store in which different applications can be downloaded, among them we find the games, which can be directly downloaded from the Apple Store, after creating an account; the applications have various costs according to the title.

Another special cell phone for games, is the Sony Ericsson C905; this cell phone posses a great 104.0 x 49.0 x 18.0 mm screen, has a phone memory of 160 MB an another spreadable up to 8 GB, it has a Cybershot cam included, which comes with face detector and focuses on people; as it is usual, it has Wi – Fi connectivity, a GPS localizer; besides, it counts with HSDPA technology, which is a new 3G connection that will make it possible for you to download files quickly, and let’s not forget that it also counts with a virtual store, in which you can download any kind of multimedia applications, from songs, videos and wallpapers, even the last games for this model, for example, among the latest ones we can find the following: Terminator Salvation, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X, Platinum Sudoku 2 and Texas Hold’em Poker. However, there is the chance that they are already working in a new Sony Ericson model, which combines the powerful P2P console with a cell phone, according to certain rumors, this new device combines the advantages that a Sony Ericson offers with the PSP functionalities.

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