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Cover letter free sample 1:

123 Lincon Ave
Ny,USA 12345

September 10, 2010
Human Resources Director :

Dear Director:
To: Whom It May Concern
I would like to submit this application letter along with my resume for your consideration.

I believe that the combination of my engineering training and field experience provides me with essential skills that would make me an excellent candidate for a position with your company.

I am very interested in working with a company that will provide opportunities for growth and further training which would allow me to fulfill my professional goals. 
Thank you for the opportunity to be considered.
Yours sincerely,
Tom Rickson
Industrial Engineer
Cellular (123) 4567891

Cover letter free sample 2:

123 Franklin Ave
New York, NY 12345

September 01, 2010
Human Resources Director :

Dear Director:
While searching for a job on the Internet, I came across the opportunity of these jobs available on your company, more particularly in the IT field. Based on my education and experience working with computer systems, I am confident that I would be a great addition to your recruiting team.

I just recently graduated from Sidney University from Australia  as a Computer Information Systems Engineer. All the courses I took at the University gave me hands on experience, especially through work-study programs. I just finished a contract with A&T working for their VoIP conversion project. As noted on my resume, these computer information positions that are available on your company are related to the experience gained from all my previous jobs so I am confident that I am a qualified candidate.

I would appreciate an opportunity to interview with you in order to further discuss my skills. You can reach me anytime through my e-mail address, or through my cell phone at 1234567. I look forward to speaking with you.

Jean Claud Van Dame
Computer Information Systems Engineer
Cellular (123) 4567891
Jean Claud Van

Cover letter free sample 3:

123 Ocean Ave

September 05, 2010
Human Resources Director :

Dear Director:

From the searching jobs web site I learned your offer which I am pretty interested,as a Webdesigner Manager.I am 28 y.o. woman married, currently working in Sidney, Australia at the top communication group in this country as a Webdesigner. I also used to work in New York  ,EEUU for more than ten years ,where I developed my  design skills highly. Briefly, this position requires the creation of the design,maintenance, creativity,editing and compositing for different projects.

In addition I count with experience on Sales and AD for successful companies where I have learned pretty much how to talk directly with clients, listen to their needs and satisfy them as best you could.

I have a BA on Advertising Design and Multimedia Communication and have a background on sales, advertising and design that will be completed with a Master Degree on Wedesign Management .

Therefore, my purpose on this presentation letter is to release my desire to work on this field which integrate: Design, Marketing, Communication, Sales and Advertising. I have great Communication skills and I consider myself open, complete, corporate and very professional.

Would be very interesting to have an interview if it’s possible,  to listen more about the opportunities and hiring plans you may have. I will be glad to provide you with any additional information needed. Attached is a copy of my resume, which more fully details my qualifications.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Jane Jameson
Webdesigner Manager
Cellular (123) 4567891

Cover letter free sample 4:

123 Clinton Ave

September 09, 2010
Human Resources Director :

Dear Company Representative :
My name is James O’connor and I am writing to explore the possibility to  work  with your organization. As an Mechanical Engineer, I just finished my studies in March and now I am Looking for  my first important job as a new professional.

As my resume indicates, I have extensive experience and knowledge in a wide array of fields related to the different companies.  

Additionally, these experiences have helped me to develop my communicative, organizational and project management skills and to learn how to function as part of a larger team. Combined with my enthusiasm for learning and ability to adapt to new surroundings, I am confident that I would be a positive addition to a company.

I thank you for your consideration of my application and hope you find my qualifications to be a good match for a job at a company. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss my qualifications further, please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address or phone number.
Best regards,

James O’connor
Mechanical Engineer
Cellular (123) 4567891
James O’

Cover letter free sample 5:

123 Cibill Ave
South Caroline,SC12345

September 19, 2010
Human Resources Director :

Dear Company Representative :

My name is Thomas Milliam and I’m Australian citizen, 24 years old. I got graduated almost two years ago of International Marketing and I saw your post on work offers about your Company which I’m very interested.

I’m sending my CV and hope I could apply for this. Thank you very much for your time and I’ll wait for your answer.

Have a good day!
Thomas Milliam
Cellular (123) 4567891

Cover letter free sample 6:

123 Broadway Ave
New York, NY 12345

September 01, 2010
Human Resources Director :

Dear Director:

I am writing to enquire if there are any vacancies I could fill in your company. At present I am studying my master’s degree in Hotels Marketing and working at a wellkown Hotels company. 
I graduated from Ucla University almost five years ago where I finished my marketing degree. My education as a marketer prepared me to do market researches and to follow market tendencies, as all the needed skills and qualities that are important in any marketing department. 

As you can see in my CV since I graduated I’ve been working in many different administrative areas, I’ve traveled and I finished various courses in different places, all those experiences had helped me develop other skills that I discovered I enjoy, like talk face to face with the public and clients, prepare speeches and do presentations for big groups of people.

I don’t consider myself as a person who is afraid of change since as a marketer I know that everything is constantly in motion, I’m very good working with deadlines and I enjoy very much working in teams as I also enjoy developing my personal projects.  
As my personal objective I would like to work in a marketing department or in any administrative area where I can continue to develop my marketer skills, as well as further develop my administrative skills.  
With all that being said, I would like to be consider as a candidate for the vacancy in your company.

With my best regards.

Jane peterson
Cellular (123) 4567891

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