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Cute Christmas phrases
for friendsDownload best Merry Christmas quotes.#MerryChristmasQuotes

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Christmas is a holiday of union and reflection, so let us use these times to stay together with our friends and let them know how much they mean to us. Every nice short message you send them should be special, that is why here are some Christmas phrases you can send their way.Best Merry Christmas wishes and messages for friends.#MerryChristmasQuotes

Find best Christmas phrases for friends

:: “Have faith that better times will come and that the day arrive when the all the bad things we lived through will be just a memory. Merry Christmas!”.

:: “I wish you forget any bad memories this year might have left you, and that this Christmas will be a fresh start. Merry Christmas to you”.

:: “A new year means you have a new opportunity to be happy, so try to always be grateful for what you have. Have a Merry Christmas, my great and dear friend”.

:: “I wish you and your family good health this Christmas and, as a gift, I will ask that you pray for me and my family”.Christmas greeting cards for WhatsApp and Facebook.#MerryChristmasQuotes

Download Christmas quotes for fiends

:: “You are a person with a lot of love in your heart and that makes you have a beautiful soul. Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend”.

:: “I have always admired the effort and positivism you put into everything you do, never change my dear friend. I wish you a very Merry Christmas”.

:: “Destiny has tested us before and we have been able to overcome the obstacles, so know that in the end everything will get better. Merry Christmas”.

:: “Let us always give the gift of good resolutions. This Christmas I wish you the greatest happiness in the world. I love you very much, my friend. Merry Christmas to you”.Best Whatsapp Christmas quotes for friends.#MerryChristmasQuotes

Merry Christmas wishes & greetings
for friends

:: “I thank God every day, because He gives us the strength we need to get ahead in everything we do. Merry Christmas and thanks for being a great friend”.

:: “May your loved ones be with you today and forever. Have a very Merry Christmas, my great friend. Blessings to each and every one of you”.

:: “May Christmas be always considered as a date to share our love, and may all your wishes always come true. You deserve many beautiful things coming your way. Merry Christmas!”.

:: “Tomorrow is Christmas, and with it will come with many blessings. Give your heart to Jesus, and soon you will see that everything will work out well for you. Happy holidays!”.Best quotes about the spirit of Christmas for friends.#MerryChristmasQuotes

Christmas wishes
ready to copy & paste

:: “Today we must thank God for allowing us to enjoy good health and for allowing us to spend one more Christmas together. Happy holidays, my great friend”.

:: “God has many things in store for you, so this Christmas ask with all your heart and your resolutions will be fulfilled. Merry Christmas, my dear friend”.

:: “I admire you for the great woman you are, so please know that you deserve nothing but the best. Merry Christmas, my friend”.

:: “God will always be there for us and will give us the love we need, so have faith that everything will be alright. Merry Christmas to you”.Christmas wishes ready to copy & paste for friends.#MerryChristmasQuotes

Short Merry Christmas wishes to friends

:: “Christmas is a day to be happy, to be thankful for what we have been given and to give good wishes to our loved ones. Happy holidays to my friends”.

:: “You are my dearest friend and the only thing I wish for you is that you always have a very Merry Christmas, remember that you can always count on me”.

:: “Every good deed will bring us a reward. So do not worry and you will always be happy, because you are a great person. Merry Christmas, my dear friend”.

:: “We must learn to know how to be thankful for every miracle God has given us. It will not always be easy to see them, but they are there. Merry Christmas”.Christmas greetings ready to copy & paste for friends.#MerryChristmasQuotes

Christmas phrases
for cards

:: “May each of your wishes come true, for they always come from the bottom of your heart. Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you”.

:: “You are a good person, and only with faith and patience you will see your biggest dreams come true. I wish you a Merry Christmas, my friend”.

May this be a time of reconciliation and of much union. Remember that each phrase you share with your friends will have a great value for them.

Some nice Christmas messages like the ones you have seen here today will delight those you send them to, so start making sure they get them on time. Happy holidays!Merry Christmas greeting cards for Facebook.#MerryChristmasQuotes

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