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There is nothing more important to a child, the arrival of his birthday. From his innocence and mischief, it is seen almost as a personal Christmas, in which he is the protagonist, his desires are met and everyone gives him beautiful presents that make him very happy.
In addition to the gifts, for the child it is also very important to be surrounded by all the people he loves and who love him back, expressing him their affection and attention. Among these people, one of the most important ones will be his grandmother, because in many cases she is almost like a second mother to him, because she is the most pampering person after his parents.
Grannies have always liked to be close to their grandchildren and share with them all their joy, teaching them things, telling them old stories and anecdotes, but mostly, giving them lots of love.
Today we will focus on helping all grandmothers whose grandchildren are about to celebrate their birthday, so we have brought a number of birthdays messages they you can use to dedicate with you grandchildren.
Free list of birthday texts for my grandson:
:: “Little grandson of my heart, I could not be happier the day of your birthday, which is today. I can still remember how the day you were born was the happiest day of our lives. Your mom radiated a glow, an incomparable happiness that never in my life I had seen before in her. Your life is the reason why we live so happy, you have a force that destroys everything and lifts even the most tired of all, so we cannot let such a special day as today go by without celebrating it as it should be. I hope that you have a great day, may the Lord be with you and may all your dreams are fulfilled. I adore you, my love, and happy day”.
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:: “Having the opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones that you have completed one more year, is something that makes us all very happy and that cannot be overlooked. In your case, it is no exception, because we have all been waiting anxiously the arrival of this day and it could not be otherwise, we are ready to celebrate it and it will be wonderful, you can be sure of that. For now, I pray the Lord to let me be by your side much longer, as you know, your birthday is my favorite day. Happy birthday to you, I love you so much”.
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:: “You have no idea how much I love you, you are my cute and wonderful grandson. Know that on such a beautiful day as today, I wish you nothing but beautiful things and happiness for all your life. I love you, happy birthday”.
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:: “The Lord will not take stop looking at you and protects you at all times, so I will be eternally grateful to Him and pray every day of my life. Let us give our sincere thanks to Him for allowing us to meet and live together so many adventures and dreams to fulfill. I love you and I hope this birthday is the best for you”.
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:: “You are celebrating another year and I think it is lie, because I feel like as if only a very little time ago we were in the clinic, waiting for our first grandchild to be born and with your birth much happiness came into our lives. Let me tell you that you have made it successfully, because we could not be happier with you. We adore you, happy birthday my little boy”.
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:: “All you need is to concentrate very much, to make your best effort and ask the Lord for what you want the most. My work will be to ask Him to do the impossible for you achieve what you set your mind to. May the day of your birthday be the best of all, my beloved little grandson. I will adore you forever and I hope you know that”.
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One of the most special things for a grandchild, is to have the opportunity to grow with his grandmother near to him and to learn from her, to love her a lot and to receive her eternal love. We hope these posts help you express yourself as you wish on this special day for your grandson. See you soon, good luck. Keep in mind that we update our website on a regular basis, so come back soon.
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