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Gemini is an air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. People of this sign are characterized for being very communicative, versatile and with the ability of doing several things at the same time. They also do not enjoy conventional things.
The twins indicate that people who belong to this sign loves being around people, they are friendly and appreciate and value honest and fun people. In this section of the site we would show you some famous artists of this friendly sign. You would find it very interesting.
Let’s start by Paulina Rubio, Mexican singer and actress, who has also modeled for some companies as a model. This famous interpreter usually shows passion and shine in all her concerts, with joy, vitality and an air of seduction, she spreads the infectious beat that can make anyone dance.
Danny Elfman, American composer known for his musical creations for film and television, has also belonged to the rock band Oingo Boingo, and has been highly acclaimed for its versatility and strength. His songs often transmit an air of naturalness.
Ari Borovoy, Mexican singer, he formed part of the band OV7, he has also entered the field of production and he is well known for his charisma. Like a good Gemini Air Borovoy has earned his audience and has made very good contacts in the music, which have been very supportive throughout his career and personal achievements.
Melanie Brown, British singer, she formed part of the well known band Spice Girls and she also belongs to this Active sign. Full of vitality and strength, Melanie continues to charm his audience through a more personal style.
And finally, we could not forget the great Marilyn Monroe, who with her beauty and charm captivated thousands of persons across the big screen. We all know the life of Marilyn, her talent and personality, which led to fame; she will remain in the memories of those who saw her in those unforgettable movies.
These famous artists are always looking for always being as fashion as they could. They are happy people and do not care what people say, they live their lives as if the world were about to end tomorrow, however, they are very prudent and humanitarian with a big heart, also characteristic of this Zodiac sign. Gemini’s people cause a lot of admiration for their versatility and desire to do all things well; sometimes guilty of perfectionists, but that is how they assure their victory.
If we talk about couples, Gemini people is attracted by intellectuals, and it is not good to try them do routine things because they get bored easily, so if you meet any Gemini and you are looking to conquer him or her, you can use anything that we have explained here. We hope our tips are useful for you and you would visit us more often. Until next time!
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