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Internet has made it possible for all of us to be connected anywhere in the world. Now with mobile internet we can be connected and moving at the same time. Third generation (3G) internet has many benefits.

For example, it does not need wires and can be used with many devices, like laptops, notebooks and cell phones. In this article, we will discuss some third generation internet connection providers in Spain.

Movistar :
Spaniard company Movistar offers mobile internet connection service. According to a research carried out in 2010 in 15 cities in Spain, the Movistar mobile internet service has one of the best speeds. Movistar offers several fee lists depending on where you want to be connected from.

The options are: from Modem 3G, from Notebook, from Tablet and from Mobile. Another advantage is that Movistar has one of the most comprehensive 3G internet coverages in Spain. For further details about this and other services, visit

Vodafone :
Vodafone also offers 3G internet connection service. Vodafone’s broad band mobile service, along with Movistar’s, is the most sought in the Spaniard market. Vodafone’s fee lists are sorted in 2: contract mobile internet and prepaid mobile internet. These two plans are designed to fit the customers’ needs.

Now, if you think the prepaid plan is not what you need, you can transfer to the contract plan by visiting Vodafone’s website and following the steps indicated for the change. Vodafone’s 3G offers great speed and good coverage. To find out more about this service visit

Orange :
This company is part of the France Telecom group. Orange offers the third generation internet service too. Orange’s mobile internet service uses PCMCIA cards, USB modem and mobile telephone.

There are also the following fee plans: contract Internet Everywhere, prepaid Internet Everywhere, ADSL clients Internet Everywhere, i-pad 2 contract internet as well as prepaid i-pad 2 internet. Choose Orange and connect to internet wherever you are. For further information about Orange’s 3G internet service, visit

Simyo :
The Simyo telecommunications company also provides the broad band mobile internet service. Simyo is part of the Dutch KPN company, which also operates in several countries around the world with other commercial names such as E-Plus in Germany.

Simyo’s 3G internet service has a good coverage and can be used with any mobile. Its connection plans are: 500 MB Mobile Internet, 300 Mobile Internet and Daily Mobile Internet. Due to the increase in the use of mobile phones such as the i-phone, Simyo’s Microsim has a high demand. To find our more about Simyo and what if offers, visit

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