Last modified 10/09/2023

Windows Mobile :

windows mobile tipsWindows Mobile is an operative system developed by Microsoft with a collection of basic applications that have been compacted so they can be used in mobile devices. The devices that have been authorized to use this operative system are SmartPhone, which is a device that looks very much like a mobile phone but with one peculiarity, it has the functions of a personal organizer. The Pocket PC also uses this operative system; this device is like a pocket computer, also known as a Palm, but currently its name has been changed to PDA. There is also the Portable Media Center, which is specialized in the Windows Mobile operative system; this device is a hard drive that executes diverse applications in the Windows environment. The operative system in all of these mobile devices is very much alike the standard version of Windows for desktop computers.

Both, the SmartPhone and the Pocket Mobile, have many characteristics that make them similar in many aspects. For example the “Today” gap, which shows us the owner’s information, as well as near dates, e – mail messages and tasks schedules for the day and in the inferior part of it, it usually appears a bar with two buttons, which includes the Bluetooth, the battery and the signal quality.

Generally, in the task bar we can find the time it is, the volume and the connectivity state; on the left part of it we can see that it works in a similar way like the Windows version for desktops, you can see the applications that are opened and in the other extreme you can find the Start button which usually offers us programs that have been recently used, direct access to some programs, settings that are very much alike the control panel, search and help.

In the applications that can be used on the Windows Mobile, we see programs that are very similar to the ones offered in the Windows Office or players such as the Windows Media, such is the case of the Pocket Pc, which includes Pocket Work and Pocket Excel, and in the following versions of the Windows Mobile, Pocket PowerPoint has been included, as well as the Sync active, which can convert the format of the files to they can be used in both the Pocket and Desktop versions; the Media Player has also been added to all the Pocket PC systems.

The Windows Mobile has had 8 versions, in which new performances have been added, as well as new applications to complement all the aspects of a mobile device. The last version of the Windows Mobile, the 6.5 is a little update of the 6.1 version, which was launched in May, is expected to be distributed by September and, among its novelties, we can see that they are going to include important improvements in the GUI, as well as access to services such as: Skybox, Horizonte, Sky market and Marketplace, it will have star screen which is very much alike the one presented in Zune and with a style that is very similar to a bee honeycomb.

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