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Every year thousands of people around the world leave behind their home countries to seek a better future in a distant land so they can give their families a better life.
Among all the destinations that exist globally, Canada has become a favorite for everyone as it is one of the nations with one of the best quality living standards; it has one of the strongest economies and has a good educational class system. Also if we talk in terms of health, we can say that the Canadian nation has a comprehensive system of social security which is also free for people and it is very important that if you are planning to travel, you know more about it.
Medicare, which is the public health insurance in Canada, is fully subsidized by the State through income tax. They are entitled to access to this system all persons holding Canadian nationality and also all foreigners residing in the country. There are no categories within the health insurance because no matter what is your monthly income affiliation.
Within the health care facilities that exist in Canada we can find that about 90% of all hospitals are owned by the state or non-profit organizations and although 70% of the costs are borne by the Government, most services are provided by private companies.
In addition to being members of the security system provided by the state, workers must join a private health system, additionally, to thereby access to more specialized services not covered by the public system (which only includes general consultation routine emergencies and maternity, etc.)
Public social security in Canada is not only effective at the national scope, but also has international coverage are covered services only totals within and outside the country are covered in this limited way.
Each province in Canada has a security system for their own health but all have the same obligation to their members. So we find that the medical plan, rates and requirements for membership and access to health services is different in each province. If you reside in Canada you must keep in mind that in some provinces the regulations only allow you to use the public health system once you have completed three months as a resident. If at any time you move from province, you see obliged to sign a new health system for the province of your correspondent
Usually, all public health systems of Canada cover doctor visits, medical diagnoses, treatments, hospitalizations and surgeries. Please note that any medication, test or procedure that is considered essential for life will be covered by the security system of public health.
There is a list of drugs that are incompletely covered by the state and this is because most of the citizens of this nation have private insurance that covers them.
When you have reached Canadian territory, you must request your health card (Health Card) and request the registration form for you to be able to attend to any hospital or pharmacy. Once completed and submitted, the authority of each province will make you get your social security card.
Each resident registered in Canada shall have a number that will identify him within the health security system (Social Insurance Number) with which you have access to your additional employment insurance, among others. The process to get this number is simple; first you must have your Immigrant Landing (which takes about a month to be obtained). There is no need to carry your insurance card but you know by heart your number to receive the medical care you need.
Despite the high quality that has the social security system in Canada, this is not perfect and has some drawbacks, such as is used by many people and is based in primary care in a state hospital for referred to one private; you can spend a great time between one attention and the other.
Now that you know more about the public health system in Canada you can be prepared to save time and make your arrangements. Do not forget to take advantage of the Canadian offerings during your time of residence.
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