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Living with royalty,Immigration and migration in the Uk,work visa in England :

London, one of the major Western cities, also has its work attractive for migrants who mainly speak English who will have the best job opportunities for the type and higher wages, which is not the case for those who do not speak the English language properly. 
London, England. Last city of the royal court in the Anglo world, the only home to the royal family that has influenced the evolution of the last hundred years.
But this city is full of stories, and whose streets occurred some of the events that marked unprecedented in today’s world, is also an attractive destination for immigrants.
In the lines below, we explore the reasons for deciding to London to settle in the UK. Also, we review some important details of this country.
First let’s locate this place on the map, London is the capital of England, a country belonging to the United Kingdom of Great Britain. This kingdom is an island state, because it is located on the island of Great Britain, which is surrounded by the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Ireland and the Channel. London is one of the major cities of the European Union and headquarters of many multinationals.
Life in London is the usual one in a cosmopolitan city, capital of a developed economy, and this situation of stability and economic development is the one that has transformed London into a target for immigrants. The language (English) is not an impediment to receiving immigrants, but the dominance of this language is always beneficial for the newly arrived in the city of the Thames, allowing you to perform work beyond the eminently physical work.
Thus, the level of fluency in English language proficiency can enjoy better job offers to settle in London. There is need of a native perfection, but you should be able to communicate without any problems. In many forums where migrants already established in England, they say that life in Anglo-Saxon territory is characterized by the coldness of their inhabitants and poor weather, of course especially in the winter. In these forums, they have experience in major English cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, etc.  
In this regard, in London it is said that, although it is a city with a high cost of living, is one of the cities in which they offer a better pay and job (here are subsidiaries of major companies in the world, in all sectors of the market). This cosmopolitan city, business center, is crowded and has the same problems of any big city (especially in transit). But it has a varied cultural life and multiple options for a nocturnal adventure, and that this city is huge list of interesting places and with hundreds of different activities could not be completed in just one day.  
For greater detail, it must be said that in London, the treatment towards immigrants, while not hostile in any case, is not very warm, and almost always marked by a callous indifference. This should be considered, especially if they come from Latin America, more accustomed to welcoming people with open arms.
To make a lawful entry in England, the immigrant must have a visa, the processing of this takes place at the nearest British Embassy or by visiting the web address of the UK Border Agency (or Migration Agency in the UK),, and submitting an online application for a visa. Generally, the duration of this visa is between 12 – 24 months.  

There are several categories to obtain a work visa in England :

• Highly skilled workers: This mode requires having high qualification, demonstrate that it can self sustain and fluent in English. Strongly influenced by age and work and academic experience. 
• In the category of skilled sponsored workers, they require the existence of a contract or job offer in order to get approval and be able to get the visa. 
• Temporary employees also require sponsorship and the duration of their visa is limited to the duration of a season or a few weeks.
As the labor market, are located in London and the rest of the UK, called JOBSCENTRES, which in Spanish should be something like school or employment agencies, which are only public agencies, which provide information on job work and academic opportunities. Designed to support the unemployed, they have identified several programs to address the job search.
These programs respond to labor time for the person, and the skills of each employee. A sample of these is the “13 weeks review”, dedicated to those who, after 13 weeks, have not found any employment through this program receive counseling specialists to update their plan of getting a job.
In short, the inherent mysticism and history of its streets, the dynamism of the business market, job opportunities in the competitive business world and a higher quality of life, make London the goal of any immigrant. However, the Londoners’ little warmth is a point against and linked to each take the risk of adventure in the city of Richard the Lion heart and Elizabeth II.   

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