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The arrival of the new year is one of the most anticipated events for people. Everywhere around us it feels like a festive atmosphere as we all want the year to end and welcome the new one with its entire 365 days of our life.

Besides celebrating we all have to remember our relatives and friends in the special day. If we can not stand with them, we can express our best wishes through SMS.



Then we will present some examples of greetings via SMS which you can dedicate them in this new year to everyone you love.

Free list of nice New Year greetings:

– “Today is just one year and you must leave behind all the bad memories you experienced. From this day fill yourself with positive energy so everything will go well. Congratulations on this new year!”
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– “Let’s leave this year feeling grateful for all the things we have learned and good times and bad. I hope next year brings us many surprises, but what I want most is to be with you. Have a happy new year. “
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– “It is my wish that the past year brought you joy and make the next one better. Dear friend I want to tell you that I wish you many congratulations on this 20… “
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– “Let’s forget everything we did wrong the year which is gone. From today we have the opportunity to start a new year in which we all will do everything excellent. Congratulations to all. “
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– “The dreams that could not be realized in this year, you can make the next. May God bless you and help you in everything. The joy and prosperity will be part of you the next year that soon will begin. “
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– “I send many congratulations to all on this 2014! Put aside the bad memories and receive the new year with an optimistic attitude and good energy. I love you all dear friends. “
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– “You have overcome many obstacles and you have never given up. A new year begins and if you force yourself each day may be better than the previous year. May you have many successes in this 20… ! “
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– “On this night we say goodbye to 365 days of good and bad times and receive with many hopes and dreams from the year which will begin. May prosperity and success come to your lives. Happy new year friends! “
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– “Today we have to put aside the fear and excuses. Please welcome this year with optimism and enthusiasm. May all our dreams come true, happy 20… ! “
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– “I hope you have many successes in the year to start. The greatest thing for me is to have your friendship; I love you and wish you much happiness in the new year. “
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– “My love, I appreciate you so much for helping me not to fall facing many challenges. You are the best thing that happened to me and so I want the next year to continue enjoying our love. Have a nice 20… my beloved boyfriend. “
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– “If this year was not the best of all it does not matter. The year will start and we will be full of many joys so if we put enough effort we can make all our dreams come true. That this 20… can be a year full of success and prosperity for everyone! “
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– “A year is over, but we have the opportunity to start a new one. Enthusiasm and hope should never depart from us. I wish you all a happy new year! “
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With any of these greetings you can express your best wishes in the new year and will be well received by your loved ones.

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