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The chances of working in New Zealand for an immigrant are related to his or her work experience and professional or occupational qualification to access to the visas given by the Migration Program.

New Zealand is a little country located in Oceania and it constitutes one of the most developed countries in the planet, but its reduced population has made it appealing, mainly, to Asiatic immigrants, but its conditions of English – speaking language, also attracts citizens of European and Latin American countries who have a good command of the English language.

The key for success to access to the work visas, whether there are temporal or permanent, it’s up to de immigrant’s work experience, his or her technical or professional qualifications and to his or her age. Without a doubt, when the immigrant is older, the chance he or she has of suffering chronic diseases is latent, which limits his or her chances of accessing to a work visa.

The first thing that anyone who wishes to migrate to New Zealand has to do, is check if his or her profession or occupation is listed in New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (NZSCO), if it is, the immigrant will be able to define the type of program to which he or she wishes to select, in this case, it is recommended that it is the Skilled Migration Program, which is the most demanded program to enter into New Zealand’s territory, because, annually, 45 000 new immigrants are accepted.

Another way of working in New Zealand are temporal jobs, whose amount of approved visa requirements by the New Zealand’s migratory authorities goes up to 188 000 during the period 2007 – 2008 in sectors whose local offer of work force is scant.

Another way of accessing into New Zealand’s territory, is requesting the “Working Holiday” visa, whose purpose is promoting tourism among young people who is older than 18 and younger than 30 years old towards New Zealand, but it allows the immigrant to work during short periods of time (a maximum time of 3 months) in a city and then it allows traveling to another one and getting another job. The established quota for each country is very few, which is why if you wish to go through this process you have to do it well in advance.

You have to prove that you have economic solvency to access to the “Working Holiday” visa, for both you accommodations and return ticket. It is necessary to remember that obtaining this visa does not guarantee that you are going to get a job, what it does is allowing the tourist immigrant to look for additional financing for his or her stay through short – period temporal jobs, without breaking the law.

The “Working Holiday” visa only lasts for 12 months and they are exclusively intended for citizens from countries approved by New Zealand as worthy of this befit. This visa is neither subject to renewals nor extensions and it is given to a person only once, which means that if the immigrant does not use the visa when he or she obtained it, he or she will not get it again. The process is done online.

The “work permission” can also be obtained. This permission is given to anyone who comes as a tourist and finds him or herself before a job offer from a company and it will be valid for as long as the job goes and he or she remains in New Zealand’s territory, because if the immigrant leaves the country during his or her contract, the work permission will be automatically removed. If your work contract ends and you look for another job, you must process the permission again, otherwise you will be considered as an illegal.

Summing up, the adequate usage of the visas can make it possible for immigrants to access to good job opportunities in New Zealand.

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