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How to choose a good University in Argentina:

During the 1960s and 1970s, many Latin American students went to Argentinean universities for higher education. But the Argentinean military junta and its repressive policy prevented the universities in Argentina from developing, and their quality decreased. In recent years, there have been attempts to correct this.

The best universities are Universidad de Buenos Aires y la Universidad Nacional de la Plata.
In recent years, classifying universities has become a continuous activity, performed by many university institutions around the world. But they all use diverse criteria, so it is not reliable to compare results, as the weights given to variables used yield very different reports. Internet brought along the World Wide Web (also known as www or web for short), and so the academic and research world, universities among them, struggled to enter it with their own websites.

So for instance, a student from Spain can access information from universities in Argentina, and would probably want to study there.
This outlook has brought along the Ranking Web of World Universities, which evaluates the web presence of 12,000 higher education institutions around the world. Twice a year, it publishes its rankings sorted by country, continent or world. In the case at hand, Argentina has 22 universities among the top 200 in Latin America, as can be seen in

Universidad de Buenos aires
Universidad Nacional de la Plata
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Universidad Nacional de Rosario
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Universidad Nacional del Nordeste
Universidad Nacional de San Luis
Universidad Nacional del Sur
Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo Mendoza
Universidad Nacional del Litoral
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Universidad Nacional de Salta
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
Universidad de Palermo
Universidad Nacional General de San Martin
Universidad de San Andrés
Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto
Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos
Universidad Nacional del Comahue

This ranking posts each Argentinean university’s website, which can be visited for further information.

Curiously, most universities in the ranking are public and located inland. In the world ranking, most Argentinean universities are above the 1000 rank; in the Latin American ranking, they are above the 100 rank.
Argentina has 92 universities, half of which are public. 41% of public universities appear on the ranking, while only 7% of private universities do.

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