Last modified 10/05/2023

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The streaming is a technology developed to watch any multimedia file form a website without the necessity of downloading it to the computer. These multimedia files may be videos, music and even sometimes games. A certain time ago, you had to download all the multimedia information and after that process you were able to execute the file, in other words, all the entire process meant a great loss of precious time on the internet.

It compared with these days, we can say the technology has improved itself, because you can watch and download the contain of any file at the very same time while the data is charging the information thanks to storage capacity and function in the buffer.

Also the streaming allows you to advance the videos so that way you can watch what you are downloading quickly.
The codecs are indispensable requirements for this kind of technology to work correctly and without any interference. A single codec has the work to codify the information to convert it into images and vice versa, at the same time this count with a number of data with multimedia contain.

There are many codecs for each one of the format found on a video (.mp4, .mpg, .wma, .xvid, .avi), these codecs are very important to watch the multimedia file without any kind of trouble. On the internet there are many kinds of packages which include those codecs; those codecs guarantee you that the video will have a good audio quality and an even better image quality.

This technology uses light and soft protocols like the RTSP and the UDP, which help to send the file and its documents quickly so that way it can develop a better production in a very short amount of time. There is also the HTTP or the TCP protocols; these have less efficiency due their long time transferring data, and besides there is a risk that you can lose all the information while you are down loading it. For that reason the light protocols were created exclusively for the streaming, which gives an advantage to the users because these protocols does not allow any kind of interruption while the multimedia contain is downloading.

To complement the protocols of the streaming, there is the pre-charge, which helps the package of data to eliminate any sort of interruption or delay due any problem with the internet connection. This pre-charge is better known as the buffer, it simply store the current downloaded information so that way it can develop a continuous and faster downloading.

It is really common to find many websites on the internet offering downloading of every kind of information and etc, this websites work as a distribution network and their functions are similar like the P2P programs and servers on the web. The speed of the download process may change depending on how many people besides you are downloading the same file; for that reason many companies decide to increase the size of the broad-band to improve this service.

The world famous website called “YouTube” works with the streaming system, because this website considers it like a revolutionary technology on the internet.
In the case of the P2P programs, the transference of downloaded data can count with a better performance if many people connected to the P2s network possess the requested package, besides the user can watch some images already downloaded while the process is still in course.

If any user wants to work with the streaming system, he has to possess the file he wants to publish on, after that, with the help of some software or manual support, he should publish it on the internet by following the easy steps required by the chosen server. However, this action causes that the piracy increases its number amazingly around the whole world due any user can publish or download any kind of file even if it is music, video or images.

Finally, the streaming system will have a great future on the internet, because the speed of the internet will be increasing little by little, which will help this kind of technology to improve with a better performance when a user wants to use the data transference process.

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