Last modified 01/27/2024

Problems caused by divorce :

Divorce, unlike marriage which is considered both ,an institution and a pillar of society, is considered one of the causes of the loss of family integration order and the consequences it leaves on its main victims, children, who usually move the effects of divorce of their parents towards their future life.

Today, couples are married without assurances that meet the religious phrase “till death do us part” or “what God has joined together no man put asunder”, but with the certainty that if something happens during the marriage will covered the economic effects of divorce through clauses previous separation of assets.

Unlike a marriage that has two variants, civil marriage performed in accordance with the laws of the country where you live or reside and religious marriage which is performed in accordance with the principles set forth by the respective church of choice, divorce has only one direction and it is the dissolution of civil marriage, which was once celebrated by two people, held for various reasons, such as physical, psychological or sexual abuse, as well as irreconcilable differences or disease, which will allow the partners to get remarried with the person they choose to live with.

While in the civil marriage generally civil authorities are involved because of the current laws and in the religious marriage religious authorities are involved, in a divorce in most countries, it is required the intervention of a judicial authority to initiate the process and concluding it with a final and categorical term, returning the civil status to the married couple with mutual legal rights, in order to make them two independent people with economic ties if there are children resulting from the marriage relationship, in the absence of children each partner ends up as if the civil marriage had never happened, totally free.

As it can be seen, divorce is an absolute and total breakdown of the bonding achieved through civil marriage between two people and, formerly, this situation was achieved once a considerably long period of marriage had passed by and also due to infidelity usually from one of its members.

However, in recent years, the reason that outlines many of the couples who initiate the formal procedure for divorce is irreconcilable difference of characters, usually the ones involved are young couples with less than 5 years of marriage who only seek to recover their freedom to get themselves immediately engaged in a life of fun and parties that allows them to recover what they regard as wasted time.

Arguing irreconcilable differences of characters as grounds for divorce is easier than proving a divorce for infidelity, because divorce processes always start by one spouse who becomes the plaintiff against the other spouse who becomes the defendant and the judicial authority will seek through pretrial hearings and the presence of both spouses the possibility to fix the position of partner before making a final decision terminating the marriage bond due to the presence of children, who are mainly affected during the divorce proceedings.

In short, the result of a marriage full of difficulties is divorce, which is usually supported by what experts refer to as irreconcilable differences of characters; in other words it means that there is no mutual understanding within the couple, who decide to get divorced for keeping themselves from hurting each other.

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