Last modified 01/27/2024

Companies offering services to send text messages for a really low price around the world :


Lately, the most recognized companies which are offering a stable and comfortable service to send text messages are Claro, Movistar and Nextel. The text messages can be sent to cell phone to cell phone for a really low price; besides some text messages sent from the website of some supplier are absolutely free.

The Claro Company is actually the leader of this kind of service. The text messages promotions are really good and the user can save a lot of money with them, actually this saved money can be used to make normal or international phone calls, it is important to mention that such promotions can be used just form Claro to Claro.

These promotion have a disadvantage, they do not last longer, because once you activated this promotion, you have to use it with a limit of time, if there are some free text messages left, this will mean an expense for the user, because the company will not give you back the remaining messages.

The regular cost of each text message is US$0.03 and it will not change even if it is a national or international text message. Besides it does not matter what company you send a message the cost will not change a bit. Claro not just count with a lower cost for the sending of text messages service but it also offer a service to send free text messages from its principal website (, this benefit can be used as long as the text message will be sent to a cell phone with the Claro service on it.

Movistar also offers the sending of sms for a low price, the price is actually based on US$0.033, besides this company always is releasing promotion packages of text messages, which are available the entire day once one of them was activated.

This company charges us, the users, the same amount of money as any other company, it does not matter if it sent to this country or not, or if the text message is for another company or not. Movistar also offer the sending of free text message from its website (; however this service does not work the same way as the Claro Company does, because to send the free text message the user must be registered on the Movistar web, besides the messages must be exclusively sent to another Movistar operator.

Another operator is Nextel, but this one has a very different price than the other two mentioned before. Nextel charges the price according to the plan acquired at the time when the user obtain the technologic equipment. Those plans can be after- payment or before- payment (US$0.06 and US$0.10 respectively) and depending on the operator of the other cell phone you will send a text message to, it will increase price a little. As you can see, this company also offers a good price to send text messages; the website of Nextel ( also offers the service to send free text messages form it but the indispensable requirement is that they must sent to cell phone with Nextel operator.

Time after time, the price of the text messages is decreasing, this happens because the demand keeps increasing and the new ways of communication make of this kind of service an essential mean for any operator. At the very beginning, the text messages have a really high cost and it used to require a lot of norms for its normal development, but today it is something almost regular to everyone, and as you can see, they can be sent totally free from the website of each respective telephone operator.

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