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What precautions should be taken to use the Internet ?

The Internet is an indispensable source for the life today, thanks to this device we can do many things from a computer, either using e-mail, browser, download multimedia files, chat, via online play and games, among other activities.

However, we must be careful when we use the Internet, because it always runs the risk that a hacker wants to infiltrate in our system to alter the private documents that are stored on the hard disk. That is why we will cite below some precautions to be taken into account to avoid running the risk that our data is altered or removed.

To use the Internet we should take a lot of precautions, because the computer can be attacked by a virus or spyware, to prevent such an act we should install a good antivirus program on our computers, so that way it can locate immediately any suspicious activity that may be executed when we use the Internet. It also must be installed an antispyware to complement the antivirus, which will help to control the adware and malicious files that are spread on the Internet.

When you are going to to seek any information, you must be very careful with advertising messages, as these situations can redirect us to sites of dubious origin. Closing those windows or omitting them would be best to not be swayed by advertising and messages displayed on web pages.

There are many browsers today to help solve this type of problem; an example is the Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome, which are browsers that show the websites with the least possible publicity, so the user can view a site clean and free of junk mail. It is also recommended removing temporary files and cookies stored by your regular browser, because the spyware often stay in that direction.

When you are about to enter your password on a website, you absolutely must be very careful, as there are sites cloned on purpose to steal a lot of passwords from naive and distracted users. The pages that have at the beginning of the URL in their web address https: / / are actually the most reliable ones for online transactions and any kind of purchases.

When you really want to enter your personal email, you must enter the username and password in a discreet way and it must be done in a web site to ensure safety, such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, among others. We absolutely recommend changing your passwords every two months at least; this, believe it or not, will help to increase the security of your e-mail.

Also you should avoid entering links which was sent as messages to email, because many times these blogs we are redirected to dangerous sites for the purpose of obtaining our private information, the vast majority of these strange messages reach the inbox under the title too striking, this is why they must be removed immediately if you do not know the exact origin of the message.

Finally we recommend following all the guidelines above, so that way you can use the internet without being afraid of some virus or hacker.



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