Last modified 01/27/2024

Recover data from a damaged hard disk :

This utility belongs to the Windows Operating system , which helps to restore the system of files so it will go backwards. Mostly it is used to get back the system of a great error affecting the performance of the computer. Besides this method, it can develop the creation of an ASR system which restores the system periodically and of course it is automatic.


Before doing not so reliable activities on the system, you must create a security copy of the base disk in two parts; one of these will be to get back the data of the system when it has suffered any extreme damage in the root base, likewise the other part will be used when a remarkable change on the hard disk is done.

The file mode of the kind ASR creates a security copy of the system to carry out later a total restoration of files on the entire block where the stored information of the disks units is. Likewise it creates a principal disk where the security copy of the configuration information involved with the volume of the disk will be stored to know how to handle the next restoration process. Periodically, it must create new ASR blocks, because the system suffers editions and actualization of its data base; this activity will improve the creation of security copies process on the system.

To start developing those kinds of process, the only you have to do is open security copy assistant located in the control board or in the option of tools of the system on start’s accessories, after that you must follow the steps shown in the application. 

The details which must be considered as important by the user to create the Hard Disk Drive Recover on the system are the followings:

·         To start developing the operation of the Hard Disk Drive Recover you must possess the administrator rights of the system. Because this process has a high risk for the hard disk, this requirement takes part of operators group of the security copy. If happens that the computer is already shared with some other user, the process must be finished by the user of such mention. To know if you possess the administrator status, just click on the execute button and if the process keeps its regular course, then you already possess the administrator status and it will be necessary to complement the process of restoration independently. To locate the utility o the security copy you just have to execute the next route: Start/ all the programs/ accessories/ tools of the system/ security copy.

·         You only can make security copies which are absolutely necessary for the correct starting of the system. If you want to make another kind of copy, you must develop a second security copy to save the most important data of the system.

·         After creating a block of the kind ASR, you must put the respective name to the security copy so that way you can proceed to save it in the same location. About the means of security, it is necessary to have the already created disks with the conjunction of data. It is always recommendable to use a different disk for each mean of conjunction already created (it is also recommendable to hide the file) so it will not modify the created information.

·         To make a security copy with a cluster of a server, you must execute automatic restoration assistant of the system independently from each node of cluster. The server of cluster must keep executing at the same time when it is making the security copy.

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