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The secret how to get over the jealousy :

Being jealous is very common in almost all of the couples. However, in some cases, it is about insanely jealous that all they cause is damage to the relationship.There are men and women who see their relationship threatened by the mere fact that their partner is related to other people, to the point where they just feel better if the meetings with other kind of people are strictly prohibited. These extreme attitudes must be eliminated in any relationship.

The solution to overcoming jealousy is absolutely dialogue, the self-control or the help of a specialist.

Every human being wants to be part of the couple relationships, because we are aware that without a union we may not reproduce or and as consequence there will be the human race any longer. Well then, when we establish a sentimental relationship,usually possessive instincts emerge in one of the partners, either male orfemale, leading to jealousy.

While the instincts of possession and belonging emerge in all human beings, only in some people it is reflected negatively, by affecting the relationship and hurting the person who suffers the consequences of the jealousy of his partner.

It is natural that human beings feel jealous, but some of us do not know how to understand it. Some people are jealous at certain times but they really have self-control,allowing them to control their feelings and thoughts, to avoid hurting theloved one. Other people just lose control when their partners are interacting with someone of the opposite sex. They cannot stand to see your partner laughing, playing or touching another person of the opposite sex.

So they just yell at their partner to behave, and as consequence the couple passes through an embarrassing moment. Actually in these kinds of situations we really must have self-control and do a little reflection. Here we realize that we have the same attitude, and then we will decide not to scream or hurt our own partner. All couples should always remember that neither one of the two members is owned by the other member. They are not objects that they have bought and they can pack into a box so that no other person can use. Both of them are people who love and have decided to share their lives, but with the clear understanding that each one is master of his own life.

It is for this reason; that each member of a couple can do what he or she wants as long as no disrespect to their partner. It is impossible to ask the couple to have no friends or to stay all of the time at home like some kind of prison. Many people mistakenly believe that locking up their partner or prohibiting things will prevent them to be unfaithful; it is precisely these evil deeds which make the couple to get bored and walk away.

One of the reasons which causes to be extreme jealous is the last love of one of the partners. However, when we decided to be part of a new relationship we must accept the beloved person with his or her own past without this becoming an obstacle in the relationship.

Remember that to overcome jealousy in a relationship it is best to talk. You must be honest with your partner and talk about what he or she likes and not about him or her. This will allow your partner to change his or her attitude. If the talking does not work and jealousy problems continue it is best to look for the professional help, because there you will find specialists who will tell you what to do to make your relationship better and of course to control being insanely jealous.

It is alsovery important for the jealous person to have a strong self-esteem, because jealousies usually are because we feel inferior and we are afraid that our partner to find someone better than us. For this reason, we should strengthen our self-esteem by thinking positively about us and appreciating what we are.

Finally you must try to have self-control over your jealousy, this means that when you feel jealous avoid shouting and insults to your couple. Take a deep thinking about your jealousy, ask yourself this question: Do you have reason to feel jealous or this is just a product of my imagination or perception? Always remember that being extremely jealous is not love as many believe. Love never hurts, being jealous does do it.

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