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how to end a relationship without hurting each other,end a relationship How to end a relationship without hurting his feelings :

Surely many times we cannot believe it when we find out about the breakup of some couple which was practically going to the church to get married. Or even worse than that, when we thought that a solid relationship will last forever, is actually finished over night.

Well, this happens because the fact of keeping the couple relationship is really a hard task due it not just requires a lot of love and passion between the two members of the couple but it also requires many patience, perseverance, respect and of course communication.

There are many ways to fall in love feel absolutely good with someone else. Lately, men and women are attracted with many ways and tricks, with nice words, some poetry, songs, flowers, chocolates, many gifts etc. after that, we put all our efforts to feel good about the sexual area and when we really feel the love and passion rule our life, then we ask the famous and overrated question… do you want to be my girlfriend or wife?.

Finally, when we hear those two expected words “I do”, we feel like we are the luckiest people around the whole world. I mean “c’mon”.

Sadly, in many couple relationships, at some point, one of the two member or maybe both of them feel like the relationship is not the same as before, fell like the love is totally over, some is acting indifferently, feel like they are to different to be with each other or maybe that there is someone else, then there is nothing else to do except fighting, arguing and breaking the relationship up definitively.

It is really weird how those who built something beautiful with love, patience and passion can be different over night by saying a harmful word, a lie, an infidelity, a deception or even when a violence act is committed. Actually this happens when the patience and the communication are no longer part of the relationship. When we feel this way, we must be honest with ourselves and later we should tell the truth to the person who meant a lot to our life. This essay pretends to teach you how to break a love relationship up without hurting the other person or the kids (if there are some of them), and that way you can keep some good memories and a good feeling for that person who gave us much love and was there for us whenever we needed.

First you must keep in mind that principal requirement for the couple relationship is the communication. Speaking with the truth will show that we are mature enough to keep a good relationship. If there is something bothering you, then you must tell it to the other person as fast as you can, do not ever think that it would be better if you say it tomorrow or later. If after the conversation you cannot set an agreement and come out with the conclusion that the relationship is not working, that it cannot go on like this, then a temporal or definitive breakup is necessary. This kind of attitude allows the ex couple to establish a good friendship after certain time, of course not always it ends up like that.

The honesty and the respect are the right tools which allow ending up with a love relationship the best way possible. It is better trying to finish the relationship with hurting each other, in other words, none of them must feel like they are now unfixable enemies forever.

Lately, it has been proved that the man and woman both count with the same rights. This actually means that both of them, even in love affairs, can act the same way and take the same responsibilities.

Each time, the women are capable of taking the first step on a relationship or the men can show that they can be really romantic, full of details and sensitive too. This has generated some love relationship to feel the real love, but by the other hand some others have failed.

A great number of men and women decide to be together, even if they have different believes and ideas. This happens because at the very beginning we think the differences can be changed or understood year after year. However, if we do not learn to be tolerant, or if we feel like we cannot bear certain aspects form the other part and we think there must be someone better than this person for us, then it is better to finish the relationship by telling openly to our couple the reason why this decision has been taken. Maybe in the future they can be good friends or who knows? Maybe they can fall in love with each other again some other time, anything can happen.

In conclusion, when someone decides to be with someone else, he must know that keeping a relationship up is really a hard task and it requires putting all of the possible efforts. But if we find out that the person we love does not make us happy anymore and it is getting out of your hands, then maybe it is better to finish the relationship the good way and without any hate or regret, after all the life is only one dude.

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