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A nice little message of self-help will always be well received. A positive phrase that helps us to be better every day is vital for our life; that’s why we encourage you to always send new interesting phrases of self-improvement and self-help to all your friends.

You can post a motivating phrase on your Facebook wall and on the wall of one of your friends and you’ll see how their attitudes begin to change for good. The power of words wrapped in a beautiful phrase is incredible for the majority of human beings, but it’s true that they also have a great influence on humanity.

Below we offer you some phrases that you can copy on your Facebook wall or MSN status.

Free list of short self-help messages:

– When you feel that time isn’t enough think of the great characters that one day gave up but then decided to get up. You’ll see that the strength to keep on moving is actually inside of you.
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– The day that you find a good friend valuate him/her like a treasure because a friend is the greatest gift that God can place in your way; it’s that one person that comes to teach you and always stand by your side. Never deny the company of someone who loves you.
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– It doesn’t matter too much what you want to achieve, what matters is what you have to do to achieve that goal you dream so much about.
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– Get organized, go for your dreams; do not let them pass because there is nothing more important than having fulfilled your purpose of life. Everything else is secondary.
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– The fact that reaching a goal requires some of your effort is a true blessing, only this way you will be able to learn to appreciate the things you achieve. You can always do it; if some other human beings did it before, why couldn’t you?
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– The only person who prevents itself to achieve their dreams is yourself, so untie yourself and be opened to realization.
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– Live each day as if it was the last one of your life, appreciate each moment, try to laugh always because you never know when your journey will reach an end. Nothing in life is so serious as to forget to smile. Learn how to be happy always.
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– Empty your mind of those negative thoughts you have hosted they will only cause pain inside of you if you don’t decide to put them aside to make room for positive ideas that will enrich your way of seeing life.
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– Live each day of your life to the fullest. Give thanks for the things you have, be happy, irradiate that exceptional brightness that only comes from you. Remember that you are way better than you think. You are a special human being.
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– Help yourself grow each day by feeling your day with good things and open your heart to everyone. We, as inhabitants of this world are brothers and we must live as a unit. God bless you always.
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Now you know. There’s nothing that could be compared to the power of a magical phrase capable of changing your life and fill your heart with illusion and positive feelings.

Post many sincere self-help phrases and you’ll see that the world will change little by little, but always remember that if you want it to change, you must be the example. Come back soon, we will be waiting for you with new phrases!


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