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The decision to marry is a very important decision, as it involves a higher level of commitment from both sides. Both must be sure that what they feel before, remain after marriage.

Moreover, the great love that ensures their joint, it is important to have the support of their families and friends for everything around to be positive and favors a happier union.

So if someone in your family or close friend are about to marry, you can dedicate a sincere and warm words to express the best you can wish.

If you have no idea of what and how to write, this article will give you some ideas you can use for this purpose. Send them by whatever media you want, via text messages, Facebook, Twitter or through a physical greeting card.

Free list of phrases for newlyweds:

– “I can see from miles away that your relationship is genuine and that you are happy for your upcoming marriage, you both are excited and you can tell in your eyes. I congratulate you and I sincerely hope that you will do the best in this new phase.”
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– “The love story that you have written is very special. You should keep it and grow it based on optimism and happiness. You deserve a wonderful life together. I congratulate you both.”
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– “A little time is left for you to make your dreams begin to come true, now your life is one and will face the good and bad times together. I’m sure you know how to handle it and will bring much happiness in your married life.”
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– “Seeing you together always makes me happy, I can’t avoid feel a lot of happiness for you and perceive all the great love you have for one each other. You are an example of a perfect couple and I wish you all the best in this world for you to make things right.”
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– “I know that even now that you feel complete confidence and security in what you feel for each other, there is always a space for the uncertainty. Do not worry, once you have more time together your life together will be changed and you will live happier times. I wish you the very best.”
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– “I wish that the love that you have for one each other now, will be never gone and treat you with respect and affection. Communication should never stop and should flow in order you get fulfill your dreams. Congratulations and success in your forthcoming marriage. “
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– “As soon begin to live their married life, you will see that life is beautiful and the best times of your life are passed together. I wish you well in your new life together. “
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– “Remember the best times you have lived together, now project them forever. So your life is going to be together when you marry. Obligations are loaded, but also many joys and achievements. We expect you to have a wonderful time. I love you and I wish the very best.”
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– “I hope and will hope you both to live in eternal happiness forever. This new stage opens up a new opportunity to give all of you one more time tp achieve wonderful things together. You can do everything, congratulations.”
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– “Your love story has all kinds of events, but always ends in love and that’s why you have been strengthened, now merged into pure love and live happily ever after. I wish you every success.”
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– “Live this new stage of their lives with the maximum energy, I wish you eternal happiness and a life together that will last forever. I also wish you many successes, congratulations. “
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We expect these thoughts for newlyweds like you and you can use them freely to express how you feel about them. Come back soon for more quotes.

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