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All the human beings fall in love some times in their lives, sometimes more than others. But everybody pass through this unforgettable moments full of tenderness, the girl or the kid who you choose will accompany you forever, however there are moments when the things don’t work as one wants, many circumstances force the couple to separate, because of bad understanding or others reasons. Some think that the love doesn’t exist, but the truth is that they already couldn’t have it in their lives, the only things that they could found have been sadness and disappointments.
So, when a person is affected with a disappointment gets anger. Next we will give you a list of phrases about love disappointments that will make that your couple realize about the disillusion that he/she have done in your life. Use the phrase you like the most and publish it as a status.
Free list of love trouble messages:
:: “The day that I fell in love with you was amazing because I did loved you, but now I don’t know you. Many things have changed in you that I thought never could happen, with all that pain I say you goodbye, good luck”.
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:: “I don’t understand what happened, at the beginning everything was beautiful and now is sadness and pain, I’m so sad about us, we can’t continue together. I know any of us could be happy, is better to break up now”.
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:: “Was truth what they said, the amorousness passes and the true love ends and I have to recognize that I was influenced for an illusion that step by step has been vanishing. With this simple phrase I say you goodbye forever”.
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:: “I always thought that you loved me, but now your love has died, our love doesn’t have solution, the only thing left is say goodbye, I pray that we could be at least friends”.
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:: “I never thought that you, the person who I loved, have this attitude to me. I want to forget those wonderful moments that we spend together because they only make me feel pain. The unique option that we have is end with this relationship, because we must be happy. I hope you be well, goodbye”.
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:: “Love is too complex to understand it at all, must have a lot of tolerance otherwise the love ends, sometimes wins sometimes loses. I have lost the affection that you gave me and now we can’t continue like this. Also it will give us new opportunities to each one of us, God bless you”.
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Many couples live disappointed of love because the lack of tolerance, the absence of affection because they were with the wrong person. We advice you if you are passing through a similar situation, remember that the friendship is the most important and must to realize if the best choice is ending the relationship because both deserve be happy. Don’t forget that the true love does exist if you find the right person.
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