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Most common mistakes men made on their first date with a beautiful girl :

Have you ever wonder why you do not have a second date with a beautiful girl after your first one? Next, I will give a good explanation to that question by mentioning the typical mistakes made by the men. And also, we will give you some advices to have a wonderful date or maybe something more than a simple date.

The worst and more often mistake made is definitively when we talk about ourselves too much, this can cause a lot of tension or even make the other person to feel a little uncomfortable; for that reason, the first date must be relatively short so you can keep some aspects of your personality hidden and the girl will think about you as a interesting and mysterious man.

Acting too soon like if you already are her boyfriend or something like that may cause that the girl wants to go away from you, also on this specific point you do not have to over-act. To say the truth, you have to show some attitude and security with the moves you make and the topics you will talk about.

Like I said on the previous paragraphs, telling too much personal information to the other person and over-acting is not a good way, unexpected information turn your date out into a boring situation for both of you. You have to remember that this is a date with a girl you like and it’s not a session with your psychologist, in which case you have to tell to the psychologist of yours about every aspect of you entire life, but this is not the case so let us get back to the main topic.

Another common mistake is when you turn a nice date with a girl into a job interview; actually this is even commoner between the men because the fear and the nervousness take control of the people.

On the first you absolutely do not have to talk about your ex-girlfriend, that is a ancient rule between the men although not all of them respect it, the topics to talk about with a girl must be interesting ones and you definitively have to omit the religious, political and other certain topics because it can cause an awkward environment between you and the other person.

Well, in some extreme cases you have to talk about the currently events, but remember not to be repetitive with the topics because this end up with a discussion between each other.

If you over-look other girls while you are on a date with other girl then you may have some issues man, I really mean this, c’mon… that can be the dumbest thing ever done, you must know if you do that then you better forget about a second date with that girl and start looking for a plan B.

Before going on a date you have to choose the place where you two will go and think about some good plans to develop during the date, because the most typical thing is improvising the place or letting the girl to choose the place to go, this will show that you do not have any creativity and gives to the girl a bad impression of your personality.

Also you must check a specific hour and you have to be there punctually. If you must pick her up then it is recommendable to not surprising her with an unexpected arrival because usually the girls take a really long time with the makeup and other things.

Finally, at the end of the date you must not ask to her something stupid like “do you like the date?” or “don’t call me, I will call you, bye” because this will cause a bad feeling if the date was a complete failure, it is recommendable to say good bye politely.

Another terrible mistake may be if you let the girl alone at the end of the date, you must offer some company or maybe you can walk with her until she reaches her house and not letting her alone looking for a cab or waiting for the bus. At the end, the best advice will be that you have to be yourself and act according like you really feel, the over-acting is like lying to a girl and they hate that, trust me.

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