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Most sought jobs in the United States:

In the United States we can find a wide variety of jobs for professionals, technicians, workers and others. Although entering the United States is harder since the September 11 attacks, there is a need to hire personnel for jobs with a high demand and the American government’s employment department thus issues H1-B visas.

This type of visa allows people from other countries to work in jobs where there is a shortage of personnel. In this article we will know which the most sought jobs in the United States are.

Computer Professionals and Technicians :
Computer professionals and technicians are very required in the United States. For example, database analysts, system analysts, graphic designers, support specialists, computer engineers, etc.

There is such a need for professionals and technicians in this area that American companies have requested the government increase the number of legal permits to satisfy the market’s needs.

Nursing :
Nursing technicians are in high demand in the United States. There are 180 thousand vacant nursing positions this year because of the lack of professionals in this area.

We must specify that in order to get the H1-B visa, nursing professionals must deliver documentation that certifies they are university graduates, their working experience and their fluency in English. Some wanted nursing specialties are: senior citizen caregivers, labor assistants, intensive care, babysitting, etc.

Car Mechanics :
This is also a very wanted job in the United States. The high demand for these technicians responds to the number of cars in the United States, one of the largest in the world. In some states, technicians in this area must validate their studies with courses that last between 6 and 12 months in order to start working. It is essential to be fluent in English.

Cooks or Chefs :
Cooks and chefs are in great demand. This is because there are more restaurants all over the American territory. Another fact that makes this one of the most wanted jobs is that there is a need in the United States to instruct local professionals in new and different ways to prepare food.

Domestic Servants :
This job has always been in high demand in the United States. Domestic servants like housekeepers and babysitters are among the best paid in the country. It is expected that there will be a higher need for domestic servants because of the lifestyle of American families.

Unlike most Latin American families, in the United States most families have both parents working and the care of the house and the children is left to these workers. Fluency in English is the main requirement for this job.

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