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What is malware ?Fee malware removal,Anti-malware programs :

malwareMalware are known as malicious programs or codes, whose objective is to damage the computer in any possible way or, also, to invade the privacy of the user with spy software. Malware covers a wide range of harmful or bothering files, such as spyware, Trojans, risk ware, adware, hijacker, dialers and viruses in general.

  • Informatics worms.- Are the most dangerous programs, due to the fact that they have as purpose to fully damage the computer, alter the system registers, impede the execution of programs, suspend the system, restrict the Internet connection, destroy private documents and part of the operative system, overload the starting mechanism, etc.
  • Trojans.- Are programs that do not cause great damage like viruses do, because their target is to penetrate the system without the user been aware of it, and that is when they set up a bridge between the victim’s computer and the computer of the host, so he or she can recollect all the private information. There are also cases in which the registers of the operative system are modified, such as blocking certain programs and some web sites.
  • Spyware.- This is a spy program which is able to record what the victim does, what web sites he or she goes to, the e – mail that he or she receives, the passwords of accounts, the programs used, etc. All of this information can be distributed without any permission through the net, it could happen that the extracted files are shared with P2P programs, such as in the torrent files, so they are beneficial to third parties.
  • Worms.- They are tiny programs that tend to duplicate themselves, until they occupy a considerable amount of space, which end up filling the virtual memory, causing the system to take longer to perform the execution of programs, such as when the computer’s starting mechanism is starting and when you finish your session.

It is strongly recommended to take special care and a lot of attention when inserting magnetic storing devices to your computer, it is known that the most vulnerable operative system is Windows, due to the fact that it is the most used one and it is the media through which more computers could get infected. But Microsoft always sends alerts whenever there are available updates, which are in charge of counteracting the attacks and the identity impersonating, by improving the operative system and installing safety patches.

It is also recommended to avoid downloading files from certain unknown web sites or the usage of P2P programs, where there is a risk of downloading viruses or Trojans which are packed with the file that you actually want to download. Remember that saving in those kinds of things, ends up been really expensive. If you want to download free programs, you should go directly to their web sites.

It is vital to have an antivirus software and always keeping it updated; on the other hand, it is not recommended to have more than one antivirus software, because that causes incompatibility between them and problems with the operative system. Instead of installing additional antivirus software, you should one of those software in charge of analyzing certain bugs that the antivirus software is unable to detect, such as antispyware, antimalware, antispam, etc.

There are programs such as the “Spy – Bot search and destroy”, which is capable of finding all kinds of spyware, it has a firewall and, besides, it counts with updates (which have to be manually installed) and a Tea Timer filter, which works in real time to be able to send you a notification if there were any changes or record eliminations that could be caused by certain bugs.

There are also other good programs, such as Ad Aware, Malwarebytes Anti – Malware, SpywareBlaster or the SUPERAntiSpyware, which are specialized in eliminating all sorts of malware in general.

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