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The largest cities in the world have a lot of industrial and financial activity. The capital city of Spain, Madrid, has the largest economically active population in this country. As a result, most of national and international companies have their main offices in this city.
Madrid is a modern city where finding a job could be easy or difficult; it will depend on the kind of job you’re looking for and your professional skills. In this article we’ll talk about job search in Madrid.
Before to search a job in Madrid, you must have all legal documents, illegal immigrants are not allowed to work in Spain.
If a company hires the services of an illegal immigrant, it can get an expensive financial penalty and the immigrant will be immediately deported. If your documentation is in order, you must know the kind of job you want. Don’t take the first job opportunity, analyze the advantages and disadvantages and then make a decision.
Today, most of job vacancies are advertised on the internet, Websites like “Computrabajo” ( and Mundo Anuncio ( have a lot of job vacancy adds for different jobs in Madrid. Elaborate a good resume, include the most relevant information about your professional skills and send it by email.
If you want to know more websites to search jobs in Madrid, take a look.
Loquo is a website where users advertise products and services for free in Spain. If you want to search a job in Madrid, locate on the left side of the window and select Madrid from the list of cities. Then, go to the “jobs” sections and choose the work field you belong.
Select the job add you are interested in and read its description. You’ll see the address, the work hours, the salary and the general requirements for the position you want to apply. Also you’ll see the email of the advertiser. The website is
Infoempleo is a website where you can find job vacancy adds from many cities in the world. The job search bar is very effective. Just answer 3 basic questions. 1. – What are you searching? – Job; 2. – Where? – Madrid; 3. – Area? (Select the one you are interested in).
After that, click in “Job search” and a list of available jobs according to your search will be shown on the window. Click in the job adds you are interested in and you’ll see the requirements, work hours, salary, etc. In order to apply for one of the job vacancies, register first. The website is
These are some of the webs to search jobs in Madrid but you can find more on the internet.
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