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Expressing gratitude to the people who give us their support and cooperation is very important. This will make your relationship with these people get strengthen and increase mutual trust. It is true that you can show your gratitude verbally but if you do it through a letter it will last much longer.
Have you recently received the help or assistance of any person and want to express your gratitude? In this article we bring two examples of letter you can use to thank their help.
Example 1 sample letter of thanks for help:
Cusco, August 10, 2012
House of Culture
Capac Jr No 980
Tel 3205689
Eduardo Gutierrez
Owner – Andean instruments
Callac Jr 230
Tel 2450190
Dear Mr. Gutierrez:
I extend to you my warmest greetings on behalf of the House of Culture of Cusco.
We are grateful to you for the support provided to our organization through the donation of musical instruments that you made. These instruments will provide the children of our city the opportunity to enter the world of music which will be of great benefit to them, their families and society in general.
All our staff, teachers and administrators expressed their gratitude for their valuable contribution. We have always been recognized by the free training that we provide to our cusquean youth and through contributions like yours may benefit more children and continue with the work.
You are welcome to our institution to have the pleasure to serve you and share a good time. Thanks and see you soon.
The House of Culture
Example 2 sample letter of thanks for help:
El Salvador, December 1st, 2012
Ancon Street No 540
Tel 8891546
Mr. Hernando Parra
230 Gamma Street
Dear Mr. Parra:
Receive the kindest regards from our company. A week ago we had the pleasure to have you in our facilities to dictate the course of training in the use of measuring equipment which was a success because it allowed our engineers to acquire the skills needed to operate and train.
We wish to express our behalf of our staff and our deepest gratitude for the work you have done on our premises. His training was very clear and effective and had the appropriate support material, thanks to this, the proposed objectives were achieved and now our technical staff is adequately prepared.
We wish you every success in your future activities and hope to return someday to have the pleasure of welcoming you to our facilities. Do not be the slightest doubt that you will be welcome. We are at your service.
Surveying of El Salvador
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