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Do you want to get your first job? But you don’t have any experience…. Then with these advices you will make it,tips for your first job :

Have you already finished the high school, college or institute? Then you are ready to get your first job, but you may feel like it will be an impossible task due you don’t have any experience at all….but do not worry, this happens to most of the people, each time we are looking for a job…………. We will always find a note added saying…………..JOB EXPERIENCE like an indispensable requirement. 

These days there are several options to try to find a first job and success, a clear example of it may be the pre-professional job practices, this first job would not ask you for any job experience, generally they are hired just for 6 months, when the college finishes, many young men start doing this job practices and with the right time, they can even continue working in the same company for a long period, that depends on each professional.

The most of the colleges and institutes have a “Job boards” for their students; they think on their student’s first job, here is where you can find your first practices. 

Another very interesting way to find a first job without job experience can be the pre-professional programs, this programs have like a principal objective the young students from the last 2 years of each college, they are almost the same as the pre-professional job practices, the only difference is that you do not have to finished your career yet, you can be able of working and studying at the same time without problems. 

If you would want to get a job in the specific area of your career, then the Telemarketing may be a good option, the only thing you need is a good verbal flow and some skills to selling by telephone, it would be bad for a first job, right?.

Another good option would be the fast food establishments; these companies always hire a lot of young students to offer them a job generally of public attention or in the register machine and job-time is over 4 or 6 hours per day. 

These are the kind of jobs that will allow you to gain some job experience whatever the option was, for those young men who do not have any job experience on the market: 

It is good to make mention that there are some important details before asking for a job, that is why here I will show you some advices to take in mind: 

 Curriculum Vitae : you must always have a good curriculum vitae, which contains the right information and will not be boring to read on…..IT IS IMPORTANT where clearly detail your professional skills, your job’s goals and objectives, your strong points etc.

Remember that you are not the only person who is sending curriculum vitae; there are several people who attempt to the vacant place, that is why you must explain the most important.

Our red of Contacts: these days it is very important to have a large red of contacts which you must mention them about your decision of getting your first job.

Read and check the god jobs from the “Help Wanted” on the newspaper.

Go and check the websites of the companies, almost every company has a page on the internet where you can send your curriculum vitae for free. 

It is important to have perish when you are looking for a first job, apply each one of these advices in this essay and you will see by yourself the results.

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