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In recent times, due to economic globalization and demographic migration, Spain and Latin America have created online companies which are specialized in several legal matters. They have dedicated websites on which paid consultations to a specific lawyer or free consultations on a forum are answered.

Since time began and man is part of a human society, there have been problems, and along came judges who were generally represented by tribal or clan leaders themselves. Their maximum expression was King Solomon, considered the wisest man of his time, according to the book of books, the Bible.

Globalized modern times have brought along not just trade of goods and services, but also the population movement known as migration. In both cases, there have arisen problems and procedures which have required help from legal experts, because of migrants’ ignorance of the laws in the country they moved to.

But the emergence of Internet has allowed many procedures such as visa applications, work permits and standardization of bachelor’s degrees from foreign countries, to be done via the web. Given the common migrant´s ignorance, there appeared online websites dedicated to legal aid.

We will refer to them in the next paragraphs.
The Ayuda Legal Online website has been created as a consultancy and legal help site. It has associate lawyers that give legal aid to people and legal entities who ask for it and who live in Spain or Latin America.

Ayuda Legal Online’s help diverges in two: paid legal consultation services, which are addressed directly to a sought associate professional, and free legal consultations, which are randomly answered by associate lawyers in a forum. It must be mentioned that this website is just a means of contact between client and lawyer; once they get in touch, responsibility and economic agreements (20 American dollars per consultation) must be discussed exclusively with the hired lawyer, clicking on the icon “preguntar a un abogado”.

Another well-known website is Contrato Online, which includes both free and paid contracts. Visit The consultation fee is 20 euros and the responsibility belongs to the lawyer. Thus, the site is an interaction means with no responsibility, and if the client feels his consultation has not been answered, he can ask for a refund.

It is also a good idea to look up the abogadasonline website. It gives free legal advice in different topics such as divorces, work dismissal and access to social security benefits. The answer deadline is under seven days. Visit

The Spanish abogadasonline website has recently set up its free service in several Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay. To access them, it is enough to click on abogados gratis online en (name of the country). You will find a list of lawyers in your country, and you can ask them as many questions as you need free of charge.

This free legal advice is also available in Central American countries like Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica. This also includes Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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