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The well-known resume is a centerpiece in the process of recruiting for a company as it allows the employer to see the information it deems relevant among different applicants.
That is why you need to make your resume as best as you can and thereby achieve gain an advantage over other applicants. In this article we will tell you what are the keys for your resume cause a great impact
Personal information
This is the beginning of your resume and here you should write personal information. Use only basic information such as your name, age, address, phone and email. Do not put extra data that are not needed and you should remember to be concise in your curriculum.
One of the keys in this section is the photo that you attached, remember that your presentation should be formal and with a good attitude.
The presentation is a short paragraph in which you highlight your qualities and skills as well as your personal interests and your professional successes. Do not overdo it too in this presentation, you can provide all the information required in only four or five lines.
Work experience
Here your evaluators will take some time to analyze the past jobs you have had and if possible make phone calls to corroborate the data you have given. For this reason, always remember to be honest.
It has become a rule that put the last three jobs you had, always ordered starting with the last one you had. Do not forget to provide basic information for your jobs as time worked, the position you have held, the name of the company and your manager.
If you count with extensive work experience and even worked for multiple companies, you can select the most relevant, always including your last work experience.
Write it in a similar way to the previous one. Remember to make mention of schools where you made your studies and the one from where you graduate and the year and grade you got. If you are currently studying, do not forget to mention and write that you are in progress.
Complementary studies
In this part you can place studies that complement your career as well as short courses, diploma courses and seminars you have attended. Remember that everything you put here gives you an advantage when applying for a job.
This part makes the employer know what your current situation is. If you are unemployed you can put that you can be at disposal with immediate availability. If you have a job or be conducting studies that support the work schedule, you can put the time you have available.
Below we give an example of how would our curriculum vitae:
Personal information (Photo at top center or top right)
Name: John Alexander
Surname: Pérez Rodríguez
Age: 24
Address: Av the Americas n ° 895 – Buenos Aires
Phone: 9604310
Email: John Pé
I have an experience of more than five years in the field of accounting. Thanks to the positions I have held have been able to train as a professional complete and desire to belong to a company that gives me the opportunity to show my skills and help me continue to grow as a professional.
Work experience
2012 – Klark Bakus Corporation – Chief Accountant
2011 – Industries xerocopy S.A. – Accountant
2007 – 2010 Indutec S.A. – Sales
Job training
2004 – 2009 University of St. Thomas Aquinas-Accounting – Bachelor of Accounting.
Complementary studies
2010 – England Language Institute ICP – English – Advanced level
Remember to support all the information on your resume is important you attach supporting documents, such as employment records, certificates and other studies.
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