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Best tips to create a good and safe key password :

The key passwords were created to keep the privacy of the users, and also they are the only kind of hey to be sure about the identity of the people around the world. 


These passwords can be use in the e-mail, a bank count, online games, forums, social nets or any kind of system with private information. Next I will give some recommendations that you can follow if you want to create a key password with a high security level:

– To keep a good key password, it has to be composed by letters, numbers and signs, because the combination of these can reach a great variety of characters and it can be really hard to be found out by the well-known hackers. If you wrote many letters, numbers or signs in your password then it will be really difficult to hack out. A real good example may be those passwords with 15 characters, which are safer than those composed by 9 characters, the characters may be the next ones:

Some Capital and regular letters (A, B ,C, D, E, …, X, Y, Z) or (a, b, c, d, e, …, x, y, z)
Some numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Some symbols: ¿ ‘ + ´} – . , ! “ # $ % & / ( ) = ? ¡ *´¨ ] [ _ : ; – * / + ´¿ } ¡ | °

– It is really usual to forget about the password if you have a rare one. For that reason it is recommendable to use some characters which will help you to remember it easily. For example if you write the sentence “that fish has eggs and an excited face”, then the key password can be built by the characters “t F h E a A e F” or maybe a symbol puzzle like “>3///(._.)”. Some other people like to create their key password with the number of the neighbor’s car or even with some equations like “d=vxt”, “a+a=2a”, “PBI=c+g+e+i+x-m”. Creating a key password is really easy depending on the security level you want.

– Depending on the server where you are going to create a new count, there is a programmer that allows you to recognize the security level of your key password. For example the Hotmail server has this system included. This system will be showing to the new user the security level form the lowest until the highest while the user is still writing the new key password. If you write only letters, then the programmer will show a low level, if change it between numbers and capital letters then it will be a medium level but if you write a key password using all of the capital and regular letters, number and other symbols, then the level will improve to a high security level according with the programmer.

– On the internet, there are many programs that can save all the letters and the information we wrote down on the keyboard so they can steal our passwords, mostly these programs are installed on the public internet rooms or maybe on the cyber-coffees. A weak point of these programs may be that they store everything we write on the password section, as long as we write it with the keyboard, for that reason you have to be careful when you are going to write down all of your personal information on the servers. If your user’s count is “quepro” we can write it backwards and later we can fix it with the mouse.

In the case of the messenger or maybe other servers, the key password cannot be modified inside the password section so it will be completely necessary to use the block of notes to modify the key password with the mouse. For the password you can develop the same operation, also you can write down a fake key password to confuse the hacker.

– Finally, it is recommendable to change your key password once in a while, and not creating a password with information easy to find out like phone numbers or the birth date of someone close to you. Also you have to be careful when you enter to any computer and look around for some strange people by your side.

After you had access to the count on the internet you can turn off or re-start the computer, even you can erase the saved pages so that way you can make sure there were no pages stealing your information. Lately, the message by e-mail is really common, this message will ask for your key password to have access to the whole message, if it is possible you must eliminate this kind of messages and do not ever write down your personal information. There are websites with URL like “https://.”. these are very safe due its high security level.

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