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How to get some cheap hotels in Brazil :

The magic of Brazil, the charm of its women, the passion of the Carnival, the wonder of its beaches, the mysteries of the jungle, does anyone could dare to say that it is not worth a trip to this vast country? Here we will tell you how to go on an adventure in the Brazilian soil without spending too much.

First at all, to start thinking about we are not going to spend too much on a trip, you must have passion for adventure, as almost always when we are looking for low prices, it absolutely will mean the loss of some services, perhaps some of them can be pleasant, or if you want a little important ones, but in any case these services are essential. So you know, spend little more on a hotel is to accept the sacrifice of a few amenities.

In this essay, all of the information provided is available with an Internet connection, so this information, in particular, will be available twenty-four hours a day, each of the seven days a week.

However, the following list is for the sites I recommend you should visit to survey the scene. The ease of these websites is that you can save some time and use it to purchase a stock (including the payment which is via online, using credit or debit card) so you can really forget about the issue of accommodation.

Here the list, the order is not indicative of anything:

Liligo is a Spanish portal, but also provides information on all lodging options in Brazil. According to Liligo, you will always have the cheapest offers and also you will be provided with all relevant information, simple and clear. This is a kind of search engine bids, and it absolutely should be your first reference tool for any of your future trips, do not forget to visit.

Just like with many specialized sites, it counts with a search filters from the destination and length of stay, the interesting thing is that it also has a free subscription to newsletters and occasional discounts. One point in favor of this site is actually that it is really easy to remember the name of the site (whose name is more direct than

The most interesting part of this site is that you can get a list of hotels according to the selected city. is responsible for guaranteeing the best accommodation for your trip, this kind of rule is part of their advertising campaign. It is really recommendable to take a look at this specialized portal. It has plenty of hotels and has a filter according to the desired price range. 

It is a specialized site owned by the U.S. it counts with detailed information, offers a glimpse of the hotels, a full description of services and amenities, photos of hotel infrastructure and geographical maps to locate the hotel (of course it must be done by using Google Maps tool of Google).

This Site requires that you enter only the destination city and the dates, including length of stay, so obviously, the interface is used by this website responds in a sufficiently user-friendly way. The results presented to the user are divided into three columns by category: Hotels with the Best Quality-Price, Most Popular Hotels (among users of the site), and luxury hotel. After this, the results are arranged such that the first result of each group is the lowest priced option.

Finally, the most important recommendation: If you want to get the best deals of the year, it is better that you should book your accommodation in advance. You can really enjoy of your trip without spending too much money.

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