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Traveling to Madrid – Spain in cheap flights :

Spain has been since a long time one of the most important tourist destinations in the whole world and not just because some of its historic monuments but by itself and all of the cities that reflect different periods of world history, this country actually receives more than 50 million tourists annually since the beginning of the year 2006, it is based principally on the emergence of cheap airlines.

Travelling to Spain does not just mean visiting the famous beaches like the beach Costa del Sol (Malaga), it also means to enjoy its alpine ski season such as the famous Panticosa-Los Lagos (Aragon) and La Molina (Gerona) or visiting their cities and their historical monuments, palaces and churches.

Spain is in the Top 10 of the Country Brand Ranking, being the seventh brand-country so it actually means, in terms of tourism, that this country is the seventh destination in the world due to the change of brand concept developed from the Spain’s Sun and Beach to the urban Spain with really big cities like Madrid and Barcelona, where the night life is perceived as its greatest value.

The main features of the tourist movement in Spain are the followings:

• The origin of tourists shows us that the 58% are from European countries like England, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Finland, Italy and Germany and that the difference comes from countries on American lands, being the most important the United States of America.
• The most remarkable and demanded tourist destinations in Spain, in 2010 actually are Catalonia with the 22% of the total, Canary Islands with the 16%, Balearic Islands, also with the 16% and the remaining percentage is for Madrid, Andalusia and others.
• The most of the tourists use to enter to Spain from airports due to the cheap flights provided by low cost airlines, these low cost companies have as field of action the territory of the European Union.
• the tourists preferably like to stay in hotels and just a few of them want to stay in hostels, due to offers which are offered by a lot of hotels with two or three stars.
• the most of the tourists arrive on their own in Spain with a program of visits in relation to their personal interests and a just smaller percentage are part of packages hired like travel agencies and others.

Spain is considered like the first tourists destination for the European people and the use of cheap flights has increased by around 42% in the period September 2006 – September 2010, and this last days it can reach the amazing number of 2 million 600 thousand passengers.

The low-cost airlines that travel between Spain and European countries are actually a lot, the most important are:

Ryan air (, Easy jet ( and Vueling ( For example, if I wanted to buy an air ticket to go Amsterdam – Madrid for the December 30th, 2010, and assuming that it could be flexible on the date of my trip, the results in each of these companies would be:

• In Ryan air there is no flight on 30/12, but actually there is one flight on 31 and the price would be 59.99 Euros and the cheapest would be the 03/01/2011 just for 36.99 Euros.
• In Easy jet the price for the ticket on 30/12 would be 105.99 Euros and actually it would be cheaper if you can buy it on January 5th, 2011 just for 47.99 Euros.
• In Vueling there is no direct connection between the two cities.

But if this same ticket would be purchased in any of the traditional companies, it absolutely would cost me three or four times: for example in Air France 525.67 Euros, Lufthansa 445.79 Euros and at Iberia 535.53 Euros. Actually the difference is that the low-priced tickets must be purchased online very early, in flight schedules with no too much demand like the early morning or evening.


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