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How to choose a good University in Italy:

Reviewing world history always leads us to Italian history, and there we find many glorious universities such as the University of Bologna and the University of Pisa.

Since the XI century they have contributed to the education of citizens, lawyers, doctors and renowned scientists like Galileo Galilei, all of who were active participants in the public and political life of these city-states. This often ended up hurting the cities, but the strengthening of modern society has let them recover the dominance they had since their creation.

Italy is considered the cradle of world civilization. Rome, its capital, was the centre of the Roman Empire and of Christianity (Vatican). It is one of the eight most industrialized countries in the world, so it is no wonder that it gets its qualified human resources from a higher education system that applies its research results on the country’s different economic sectors.

Italy is a member of the European Union, and along with France, England and Germany, signed the “Sorbonne Declaration” in 1998. It was ratified in 1999 in the Bologna (Italy) Process. Its aim is to develop and blend higher education into a single European Unitary System. It is now a reality in Europe, and it allows a constant flow of students among European universities and the acknowledgment of studies and degrees, all of which allows studying and working to every European.

Given this context, we have researched the best Italian universities. They might be behind English (Oxford, Cambridge) or American (Harvard, Yale, MIT) universities, which hold the first places in all university rankings, but Italian universities are known for quality and reliability. This reflects in Italy´s economic strength: according to the International Monetary Fund, at the end of 2010 Italy´s GDP was 2,055 billion dollars. This places Italy in the eighth place among the 186 economies in the world.

The website’s world university ranking shows each university’s academic prestige in accordance to the number and quality of its electronic publications on the web. This ranking evaluates 12,000 universities in the world, and it shows each Italian university’ place in the world and inside Italy.

The top Italian university is the University of Bologna. It is located in the city of Bologna, and is one of the oldest in Europe (there is evidence that it has been running since 1088). It is considered one of the great universities in world history, along with the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge (both in England) and Universidad de Salamanca (in Spain). In the web ranking it has the 87th place. This is the only Italian university with a delegation in Argentina. It is a public university. Its website is

The number two university is the University of Pisa, which is located in the city with the same name. It was recognized in the XII century (1343), when Pope Clement VI issued an edict, but it had been running since the XI century approximately. It currently has over 51,000 undergraduate students. In the web ranking, it has the 109th place. It is a public university. Its website is

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