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Which are the best mobile phones in the market ? :

best-mobil-phonesNowadays, there is a wide variety of mobile phones in the market, which makes it really tough to decide for one of them; this is why, in the first place, we are going to ask ourselves: what type of mobile phone do I need?, then we must ask the following question: what are we going to use it for? After answering those questions we are going to be able to find which mobile phone is the most adequate one for us.

But is we want to have a general idea of what we are looking for, we can always check this report, made by an important technology magazine, in which the best cell phones available in 2009 are listed. In this list, functionalities have been taken into consideration, as well as the memory level, the amount of hours of usage, and, also, the applications that are available for each model and what the cell phone is able to do. In this article, only the top three are listed.

In the first place, we have the famous iPhone, this cell phone is good in almost every aspect, meaning that it the best design, it is thin, ergonomic, and, besides, it is really light, it has the best screen in the market, due to the fact that it is a touch screen which is very sensible and easy to use. Besides from that, it has a an application a music player, meaning that it has incorporated all the iPod’s functionalities, it can sort your communication media library by songs, albums, videos, artists, playlists, genres, composers, podcasts, compilations and audio books.

Besides, it has a cover flow, which shows the covers of the different albums, it also uses the Safari Internet navigator and it has an application which allows you to check your e – mail. Its 3.5 G is really fast and it also works as a GPS, because it integrates the Google Maps’ map, and without letting aside all the song downloads from the iTunes and Apple Store. Among its disadvantages we find that it cannot send MMS images, that Word documents cannot be edited, and that the battery lasts for a short period of time. Besides from that, if its life ends before it reaches a year, it can be changed for free, only if the warranty is still on, if it is not the amount of approximately $67 should be paid; finally, it is not compatible with flash memories.

In the second place we find the Nokia N97, this phone is focused in social nets, and, like the iPhone, it has a TFT touch screen, it also has an extendible memory of 48 GB; a 5 megapixel digital camera, which can record videos in a VGA format with digital zoom; its battery lasts around 430 hours; and, regarding been a music player it has an FM radio with speakers and it is able of playing MP3 and MP4 formats. It also has the application of sending SMS and MMS messages, visualizing videos directly from YouTube and you can even navigate through the web using HSDPA technology, without forgetting that it is compatible with N – Gage games. Regarding its cost, it is a little pricey, but in the average it is around the 600 dollars.

In the third place is the well known Black Berry Storm, this model combines the multimedia utilities of an iPhone and increases it with the speed of a Black Berry. It has a 3, 25’’ screen with a touch keyboard which is superior to the one in much cell phones, it has a 3.2 megapixel digital camera, which is much better than the one in the iPhone. Besides, its e – mail service has no competition, because it counts with all the A – GPS and 3G technology, but that is not all, because its Internet Explorer is compatible will all the current multimedia formats.

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