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Cute Father’s Day letters
to my Uncle

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Every time Father’s Day approaches, we immediately think of the gift we will give our Father and how we will celebrate with him this day, but there are other men in our family who are Fathers and deserve to receive our attention.

There are also many people who for different situations have found their Father figure in a relative who is not their Father, so for all these situations we have prepared this section with two nice letters of congratulation.

If you want to congratulate your uncle, in a very original way, on this Father’s Day, the letters you will find right away will be ideal for you. Choose the ones you like best and get ready to give him a great joy.Sweet Father's Day messages to Uncle.#FathersDayLettersForUncle

Father’s Day letter to my Uncle 1

For my dear uncle:

Do not be surprised to receive this letter on this day because today is Father’s Day and I consider you as my second Dad, also because I love you very much and I have thousands of reasons to feel grateful to you.

You have earned all my respect because you are a very loving Father with my cousins and a wonderful husband with my aunt, also because you are an exemplary man who knows how to be a successful man, both at work and at home.

I want to thank you because in you I have been able to find someone to trust, someone I can always count on and who gives me the best advice, and I thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.

I hope you celebrate this day in the middle of great joy, much love and thousands of hugs. I wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

Love you very much,

Dina.Father's Day wishes, messages and sayings.#FathersDayLettersForUncle

Father’s Day letter to my Uncle 2

For my favorite uncle:

I am sending you this letter on this day because it has a very special meaning for me, today is Father’s Day and you, besides being my favorite among all my Uncles, you are like a Father to me.

You do not know how much gratitude and how much affection I feel for you in my heart because you arrived at the precise moment of my life in which I needed you, because you held out my hand and because you became my Father figure, taking care of me, consoling me, advising me and teaching about life.

All my achievements in life I owe to my Mom and to you, that is why in my heart there will always be a place for both and every day of my life I will ask God to take care of and protect you.

With all my love I want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

I love you!

Your favorite nephew,


Your uncle will be very happy to receive your congratulations on this Father’s Day, but remember to continue to show all your love and appreciation throughout the 365 days of the year. Visit us again whenever you need a cute phrase. We hope to see you again!Sweet Father's Day Whatsapp wishes.#FathersDayLettersForUncle

Nice Father’s Day letters
for my Uncle

It is very gratifying when we can enjoy the great affection that our parents and all our loved ones show us.

If you get along well with one of your uncles and he is always aware of what happens to you and offers you support in the most difficult situations, then in this Father’s Day thank him for all the love he shows you every day and tell him that you want all the best for him.

Up ahead we present two examples of dedications to uncle on Father’s Day. Send one of these notes to that uncle that likes you as if you were his own son so he has an even better Father’s Day.Download heartfelt Father's Day quotes to share with Uncle.#FathersDayLettersForUncle

Father’s Day letter to my Uncle 3

From: Laura
To: Uncle Philip

Dear Uncle Philip:

I sent this note since today is Father’s Day and I want to greet in a special way because I consider you like a second Father.

You have always been by my side giving me your love and affection and for that I have a great affection for you. Every time you come to visit I get really happy because you arrive bringing good spirits to the house with your pleasant way of being.

Your children are very lucky because they have a Father like you who always gives his support and is always by your side.

On this special day, in which we celebrate Father’s Day, I wish to express my gratitude for all the support you offer me and for everything you have done for us when we needed you. Thanks for all the good times we have lived by your side and for making me feel so loved.

You are a great man and a very good uncle, I appreciate it and I really feel very lucky to be your niece. I pray the Lord to bless you and bless your home today and always as you are a very kind person.

Happy Father’s Day!Download amazing Dad quotes for Father's Day.#FathersDayLettersForUncle

Father’s Day letter to my Uncle 4

From: Omar
To: Uncle Carlos

Dear Uncle Carlos:

On such a special date like this in which we honor the parents for the work they do every day, I want to send this note to express the great affection I have for you.

Among all the family I have, you are one of the people who I love the most because you have always been by my side. It will always remain in my mind that time when my Father had to go away and you were with us giving us the affection we needed when we were little.

Now that we are adults you are still aware of what happens to us and that is something I really treasure. I thank you for everything you have done for me and for my sisters.

I have to admit that I am a very lucky person because I always had the love of my parents and the great affection you give me.

The good memories that I have by your side will never be erased from my mind. My whole family appreciates you on this beautiful day in which we want you to have a happy Father’s Day.Beautiful thoughts for Father's Day for Facebook.#FathersDayLettersForUncle

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