Beautiful Anniversary Phrases For Your Partner

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The young lovers have several special events they celebrate and perhaps the most important of them is the anniversary because it makes them remember the day when their relationship began. This day is so special that is inevitable for them to show their love and joy even each month during the year.

If you want to give a special anniversary gift to your partner, you can choose to dedicate some beautiful words of love. In this article we gift you the best messages which you can dedicate to your partner. Send them by any social network, or by sending a text message or Whatsapp. You will see how happy they will feel after reading these incredible posts.

Free list of nice phrases for your partner on your anniversary:

– “At first we did not know well each other deeply, but something inside me told me that you were the right person and now it is our first anniversary. It gives me great joy to be able to enjoy the great love we have. I love you so much, my life.”
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– “It seems incredible but it has been already five months since we got engaged, let me tell you that you are the most beautiful in my life. It’s an inexplicable joy to know that I can still be by your side to celebrate such a special moment for us. I love you with all my heart.”
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– “Today it’s a new day but it is not like any other, today is a special day; there is something that makes it very special and it is the fact of have passed another year together since we got engaged. Happy Anniversary my love, thank you for showing me the beautiful and wonderful this feeling is. All my heart is yours forever.”
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– “Since I am with you, my life has changed; every day is so wonderful and so special by your side. But today is a more intensively day because it is the day of our anniversary. Thanks for giving me your love. I know. We will always be together.”
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– “The first time I saw you I felt something very special, I knew instantly that you and I were meant to be together. You cannot imagine how happy you make me feel, and how happy I want to make you feel.”
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– “When our eyes met I was hit by love and then I felt a great desire to get to your heart. On this special day we meet six months of being in love and I know that we will meet many more. I love you so much.”
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– “In a day like today, two years ago, we began a wonderful fairy tale and every day that passes by a new page is ready to write on it. I know our love will never end, because we live with so much happiness every day.”
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– “This day is very special to me and it is wonderful because it’s our anniversary. I want to harness this day to express how happy your love makes me feel. It’s so amazing the great love we have for each other.”
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– “A year ago my life changed forever, and ever since my days are filled with much happiness. Indeed we are right for each other, we are soul mates and nothing can separate us. I love you with all my heart.”
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Do not forget to send your partner one of these beautiful dedications; you will see that he or she will be pleased and happy to receive it. We hope that you and your partner live many more anniversaries.

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