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How to write an advertising job cover letter :
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Giancarlo Masserati
Via Don Carlo 124
Rome, Italy
Cell phone: +123456789

Dear Human resources :
First of all I would like to introduce myself; my name is Giancarlo Masserati, born in Rome,Italy, but for the last four years living in Toronto, Canada where I studied English. Italian is my mother tongue and I am fluent in English and French as well. Also I have good skills with computers. I have Italian and Canadian citizenship.I graduated from University of “La Sapienza”,in Rome, Italy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Advertising.

My work experience is summarized in the handling of information from the institutions toward the media, in the generation and distribution as well as to position new topics in the public opinion. By means of reports, press conferences and publications, in a same way in the public sector like the private sector.

Creating for it efficient work teams and with initiative.As a person, I am highly motivated and extremely well-organized. I have an outgoing personality and acheerful disposition, and I believe that these, together with my linguistic skills, have made me acompetent communicator. Consequently, I love working with people and feel I am able to build useful rapport with customers and colleagues alike.

The area of interest is Marketing and Media.I think that your company is one of the best company in Media Business to develop my professional career and .
I believe that my experience can be from great support and contribution to your company if I could get the opportunity to work with you.I’ll be very grateful for your response.

Giancarlo Masserati

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