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londonThe European Continent, despite been conformed by more than 23 countries, many of which belong to the European Union, despite of its great economic and technological developments, has not been able of managing to become an attractive zone for skilled immigrants, who, in front of the migratory difficulties presented by the different migration systems, rather chose between United States of America, Australia or Canada. But the PAULATINO ageing of the European population gives excellent job opportunities to immigrants with a superior or technical academic formation in tourism, technology and nursery fields. However, most of the opportunities will be caught by the non qualified immigrant population, who searches and finds work in agriculture, domestic, childcare, etc.

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Since the first human communities appeared thousands of years ago, the movement of people for their condition of nomads also started, and it was the inexistence of frontiers which made possible the fact that great human groups were able to move, inclusively, from one continent to another in the pursuit of adequate zones to live. When the great civilizations, such as the Roman Empire established themselves in Rome, the center of their empire, part of their population was originally attracted from cities located around their empire; today, those cities correspond, mainly, to the European continent.

Then, after the Roman Empire split up, new kingdoms emerge, such as Spain, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, which later became Empires, when, through the vision of adventurers who discovered the new world (America), they established commercial routes towards Asia and exploited the African continent, which propitiate a new exchange, not only in products, but also from people who came from and to the new mentioned kingdoms.

Nowadays, when human been from many countries of the third world feel unsatisfied by the life quality and conditions they have in their countries of origin and watch through the media how the citizens of the European countries live and have various opportunities, they take the decision of migrating towards those places; however, the existence of frontiers and the establishments of controls has caused them serious difficulties when trying to migrate, which is why we will try to establish the conditions, advantages and disadvantages that an immigrant that wishes to migrate to Europe has.

The populations who currently have as a final migration destiny European cities, come from Latin America and African countries, as well as from Turkey and India. This phenomenon also provides from Europe itself, from countries such as Bosnia and Serbia.

Mostly, what is been demanded in Europe, is non skilled work force, to work in agriculture labors for exportation, of little companies and for construction (men immigrants), as well as for domestic labors, babysitters and cleaning ladies (women immigrants) who earn salaries that are way beyond the market’s average. The first activities are mainly performed by immigrants who come from Africa, and are directing themselves towards Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

The fact that getting a job is so easy, has generated the multiplication of immigrants from Africa in 300 % in the last 25 years, forcing the European governments to impose restrictive policies against massive immigration, which has considerably increased the illegal migration, which, at the same time, has generated even more tough and restrictive policies. In these policies even the African governments intervene, who are used as springboards in illegal migration towards Europe.

Given to the fact that Europe is living a process of integration and unification through the European Union, it propitiates multilateral agreements for the legal migration of people from the countries that belong to it.

The ones who have an advantage to be part of the countries of the European Union, are those Latin American citizens who have European citizenship (from any of the member countries) or are Euro Latin Americans  and have the right to reside, work and study in Europe. It is advised having a good command of the English language, as well as from other community language. They are mostly descendants from European immigrants.

The Latin Americans who do not have the European citizenship are acknowledged as extra community and can only access to the European Union as tourists for a period of up to three months; to access a work permission, they require their countries of origin to have signed agreements of free circulation with the European Union.

There is a need for skilled work force in the Tourism, technology and nursery fields, and this need is given to the fact that European countries used to have a high rate of natality which was translated in a high migration of their citizens towards new places such as Latin America and the United States of America; when realizing how low their birth rates were and seen themselves in front of a reduction of their population due to, mainly, the world wars, they saw themselves forced to foment policies of immigrant regularizations, converting them into permanent residents or giving them permissions to stay. The countries that receive a great amount of immigrants are Spain, France, Germany and United Kingdom.

The tendencies of the European population, indicate that by the end of the year 2050, the population who is in the age of working will be decreased in 16 %, and the population older than 65 years old will be increased up to one third of the total population; this means that for each retired European, there will be only two Europeans in activity, which will open up great opportunities for immigrants of underdeveloped countries, who will be able to find in the countries that are part of the European Union, both economical and social peace.

Europe is not appealing for immigrants, because it is behind the United States of America, Canada and Australia as a final destination. One of the reasons for this to happen, is the diversity of admission system in the European countries, which makes it really tough accessing to a legal migration, forcing most of the immigrants to see themselves in a situation in which an illegal migration might even be the only way out, with the hope of regularizing their situations in the future.

The illegal immigration is a European concern, which is why in many countries such as Italy and Greece, they have established really tough mechanisms that, inclusively, lead to jail for illegal immigrants and punishes with fines those who try it.

Summing up, the advantage of finding a job in Europe without the need for a great academic formation, has made that the world’s zone with greater appeal for non skilled immigrants to be Europe; but, however, the tendencies of the European ageing show a need for skilled work force in the future, which could be accessed by the immigrants from all over the world.

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