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How to write our personal and professional goals :

Our personal and professional goals are our daily driving force in life. But can we achieve them? Will we be able to get what we want? This article is about personal and professional goals, and it has clear examples.

Decision and Confidence :
When we try to accomplish personal and professional goals, two main things we must decide are how to get what we want and have full confidence in our ability in every moment.

A clear example is the best soccer player in the world nowadays. We mean Argentinean Lionel Messi. Since he was a little child, Lionel Messi decided he would become a professional soccer player, and although being short was a momentary hindrance for his goals, he always had an absolute confidence in his talent and capacity to play. He is now considered the best soccer player of all times.

Sacrifice and Courage :
To accomplish our goals we will on occasions have to sacrifice very valuable thins and we will have to be brave as a warrior to face challenges.

A clear example of sacrifice and courage to achieve goals is the well known Canadian actor Jim Carrey, who was brave enough to leave his home country and sacrificed being with his family to start an acting career in Hollywood.

Mentality :
An indisputable truth to achieve our personal and professional goals is that we must always keep our goals in mind. If we firmly believe our objectives are achievable, they will be. The current president of the United States, Barack Obama, is an example. He was always convinced he would become the first African-American president of the Unites States, which he finally accomplished.

Enthusiasm :
To achieve our goals we must be enthusiastic and happy about the things we do and want. An example of this kind of attitude is Roberto Gómez Bolaños, who in the 1970s played “El Chavo Del Ocho”. As Roberto himself says, there could be very bad days, but the moment he had to play that character, his attitude changed and always tried to be happy, as his dream had always been to entertain people with his acting. Now more than 80 years old, his enthusiasm to entertain the audience has led him to supervise the script for the animated feature “El Chapulín Colorado 3D”.

In the above paragraphs we have seen some necessary qualities to accomplish personal and professional goals, as well as some clear examples of famous people who succeeded.

Although these people are now very well known around the world, at some point they were ordinary people like us. In short, set up your own goals because we all can achieve them.

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